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  • flankenking flankenking Apr 21, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    One of the extremest divergences by internet-companies

    Local Corp has near 8-fold Monthly Unique Visitors of Angies List, but only an idiotic market-cap of about 38 million - extreme idiotic and a naked shortselling-bubble, who will burst in the not-too-idistant future.

    Local Corp development of Unique Visitors:
    11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors
    12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors
    01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors
    02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors
    Decrease of 9.06% (February has only 28 days against 31 in January) against January and an increase of 38.64% year-over-year

    Compare with the development of ANGI’s Unique Visitors:
    11/2012: 2,603,340 Monthly Unique Visitors
    12/2012: 2,551,023 Monthly Unique Visitors
    01/2013: 3,454,644 Monthly Unique Visitors
    02/2013:3,185,928 Monthly Unique Visitors
    Decrease of 7,78% (February has only 28 days against 31 in January) against January and an increase of 50,10% Y-o-Y

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    • Excellent time today to sell extreme overvalued ANGI and buy at once for the amout extreme undervalued Local Corp, which were bashed from naked shortsellers today. But the naked shortsellers has in the longer run not any chance against the extreme positive fundamentals of Local Corp.

    • Why you should hurry with sale of Angi and invest the amount in shares of Local Corp:

      "Angie's List (ANGI) on the other hand has almost tripled in value within the past 52 weeks, has revenue of just over $150 million in 2012 yet is now trading at a market cap of almost 10 times that revenue at approximately $1.45 billion.

      At 10 times sales, I believe an investor has every right to expect such a company to dominate its industry and more importantly for its industry to be one with extraordinary demand. This company founded in 1995 doesn't seem to have any major catalyst to rationally propel it to the market value it commands.

      Angie's List is often lumped in with the technology sector but that is a stretch reminiscent of 1996, a time when any company that sold something on the Internet was linked to the tech genre. In reality Angie's List is more of a glorified consumer report.

      Despite not turning a profit since inception in 1995, it does have at least one bright spot. It is currently growing subscribers at a respectable rate. It took Angie's List 16 years to reach the 1 million subscriber mark; however, it reached 2 million subscribers just 18 months after reaching 1 million. It is difficult to for me to believe that growth rate in subscribers will be long sustainable when considering the competition and the size of the market. Even if it keeps growing subscribers, it spends a substantial amount of money to do so."

      Source: Seeking Alpha (Read the complete text direct on this site)

    • Angi has only 2.5-fold revenues, but with 1,340 million the 34-fold market-cap of Local Corps idiotic low 39 million - a joke, because the following numbers of Angi are not better than by Local Corp:

      Business Outlook

      The Company's financial and operating expectations for the second quarter of 2013 are as follows:
      • Total revenue in the range of $58.5 million to $59.5 million.
      • Marketing expense in the range of $27.8 million to $28.8 million

    • "We’re fortunate and then we have many mobile assets including IP, award winning apps, search traffic and even demand from our network partners is simply need our help to play in mobile. We spend a lot of time developing our strategic plan and although we have more work to do. Overall, we believe we’re well positioned for the transition to our mobile local ecosystem."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call of Local Corp (Read the complete text to this and other aspects direct on Seeking Alpha)

    • Hyper local targeting is in the year 2013 the biggest win in mobile and Local Corp is the Market-Leader in Hyper-Local

      From 10K of Local Corp: "Our Network, which reaches over 12 million MUVs, is our second largest source of revenue and is our largest gross margin business by percentage and in real dollars. Our product is a nationwide database of local business and product listings along with ad feeds which monetize those listings. We provide our product in the form of a hosted solution or via an XML feed solution. Our hosted solution is designed to generate search engine optimization (“SEO”) traffic to our partners’ sites and this helps those partners to increase their reach to new online users. As with Local.the flagshipsite, we monetize those users with ads placed alongside our content and we share revenue generated from those ads with our partners. Our XML feed solution is provided to sites that prefer to maintain their own look-and-feel and we share revenues in a similar fashion. Our Network consists of over 1,200 partner websites, such as local newspaper, television and radio station websites and we have twelve month auto-renewing contracts with the majority of our partners. Our Network enables us to reach a larger audience than we can reach on our flagship-site alone."

    • Angi is only "hot air" - Local Corp is a company with excellent own technology:

      "We also fundamentally believe that our pattern portfolio is undervalued, so we think the value of our IP will be realized as we make progress and protecting our life under our patterns. We have a dozen patterns, three of which are in the emerging pay-per-call space, a multibillion ad revenue opportunity in mobile. We’re actively reviewing potential infringes of our pay-per-call intellectual property and expect to take action to preserve our IP raised in mobile later this year."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call of Local Corp (Read the complete text on Seeking Alpha)

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      • Local Corp is THE pioneer in local technology

        • Proprietary platform and know-how
        »Real time business, product and services data integration
        »Large scale local/commercial content production and syndication
        »Very large scale CPC ad-serving and distribution
        »Web indexing and local search relevance
        »Very large scale SEO, SEM campaign expertise
        »Local display ad production and syndication
        »Web hosting and local/commercial domain name acquisition

        •12 patents issued, 8 pending
        »Key patents
        –Local web indexing (for indexing local web sites across the web)
        –Pay per call for local and commercial searches via a mobile device (multiple patents)
        •The billion dollar industry question: How do we monetize mobile?
        –Dynamic cascading menu search (for product search on tablets and smart phones)
        –Bulk domain registration and content management (for very large scale SEO L

    • Last Numbers of Local Corp

      • Revenue – First quarter 2013 revenue of $21.8 million represents an increase of 4 percent over fourth quarter 2012 revenue of $20.9 million.

      • Adjusted EBITDA – The company reported positive Adjusted EBITDA for the first quarter 2013 of $605,000, or $0.03 per diluted share, as compared to fourth quarter 2012 negative Adjusted EBITDA of ($924,000), or ($0.04) per diluted share

    • Consumer Properties Statistic of Local Corp

      Monthly Uniqe Visitors: Over 30 million

      Monthly Page Views: Approximal 50 million

      Page Views per Visit: 2.5 views in the average

      Impressions: 1.2 billion

    • Consumer Properties Statistic of Local Corp

      Monthly Uniqe Visitors. Over 30 million

      Monthly Page Views:: Approximal 50 million

      Page Views per Visit: 2.5 views in the average

      Impressions: 1.2 billion

      Click Through-Rate: Up to 8x more than Industry Standard

    • My advice is very simple: Sell all your Angi-shares at once and buuy for the amount shares of Local Corp.

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