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  • dxpatriate dxpatriate Jan 22, 2014 8:29 AM Flag

    ANGI at Breakout, Longs to be Rewarded Soon

    This board is rather a joke, mainly a lot of ANGI shorts talking to other ANGI shorts, thinking deludedly that they are somehow going to influence the market. Well guess what, fellas. This stock is about to break thru resistance (do the TA and you'll see it) and regardless of how many scare-tactic posts you put up onto Yahoo, there's STILL going to be a really nice run-up, as shorts are forced to cover.

    Any ANGI longs out there, it's time to make some money.

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    • how did that work out for you dx? I did the TA and charting, and the P&F charts give a bearish price objective here of $7... and if that level doesn't hold, it's $2

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    • Hope everyone's been enjoying this ride so far!

      Personally, I'm already happy with the result since I first spotted this breakout. And now, it seems to me that if ANGI can break 19, there's nothing to stop it from reaching the middle to high 20s. But if it falters and falls back below 18, I'll probably be closing my position.

      Good luck to all -

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    • I bought put options. I agree that technically, the chart looks good here which is why I don't want to short it. But fundamentally, I think this company is going nowhere.

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    • You're the only joke on this board. Lemming!

    • Technical Analysis is astrology, and may explain temporary spikes and troughs.

      Instead, focus on fundamentals. The shorts here, are looking at the business model at large, revenue acquisition costs, market penetration, competitive landscape, web traffic, value offering and added, etc. And, shorts, like myself, don't see much of a prospect.

    • But thanks for your post. It's nice to see posts from longs, otherwise it does get to be something of a circle jerk around here. The reason this board is full of shorts is that most longs are here for a few days and then leave because they lost money buying calls or whatnot. I don't think they understand that ANGI is not TWTR or TSLA. The majority of shorts aren't going to cover if the stock rises. It will just be momo traders buying shares from other momo traders. They have done a great job pumping the stock so far, but why not pick a horse that will finish the race? There is no long term future for ANGI shareholders - even the technicians agree on that. There are a handful of funds that own the stock, and then a bunch of technical traders who are pumping it. The latter will disappear before earnings, and the former after earnings.

    • There may be a breakout, but it will be short lived, just like all of the other ones. None of the momo traders who are buying for the breakout will be holding into earnings.

    • ales.pelikan Jan 22, 2014 8:41 AM Flag


      Why do you think ANGI will go up?
      What is your holding period? Will you hold through earnings?

      Many thanks for the answers!

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