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  • kblab2 Oct 5, 2012 1:20 AM Flag


    Where do these twerps get their nutty opinions? Hype and hope make very thin soup.The reality is that the Keystone pipeline will be delayed by the vested US interests unless,and until, there is s a pipeline to the west coast of Canada.Only then will Canadian oil interests have a solid bargaining position for sale of oil sands oil.

    There is big time money at stake here, and very hard financial ball has always been the name of the US game.

    ANOTHERBYOUT -- grow up and smell the coffee silly mouthy crap like your spoutoff is a dime a dozen on the internet.

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    • Sounds like kblab2 (who needs to learn to spell) may have been Obama's debate coach? Rest assured Keystone XL pipeline will be approved soon after the election regardless of who wins. With the Middle East on fire with riots and killings the need for friendly energy sources for the U.S. is now more important than ever. It's fruit-cakes like kblab2 that have delayed the pipeline thus far, but most all of the federal judges know an imbecile group when they see one and are now ruling in favor of the pipeline folks. This can and will greatly benefit the Canadian oil sands community with stock prices to rise sharply.

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