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  • slcmbill294 slcmbill294 Aug 17, 1998 9:53 PM Flag







    PROFIT .1356 VS. .1389 IN

    I think the merchandise sales number is very
    good. It is a clear sign positive things are happening.
    The gas gallons per store increase is looking very
    steady yet the profit per gallon still is suspect.
    Hopefully these good sales numbers will translate into
    upward moving profits.

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    • Will do!

    • Stay tuned, Lab, we'll see what happens the next few quarters.

    • Bill, Thanks for the information. The numbers are
      quite extraordinary. With all the other top ten
      convenience stores owned by big oil companies, and the recent
      strong movement towards consolidation in the oil
      producing industry, I believe that the temptation to
      rapidly improve market share may make Southland an
      irresistable target---if the japanese owners are willing to
      sell. Bob

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      • Bob, I like your speculation on SLCM being a
        possible target for an oil company. The only question I
        have is at what price do the Japanese owners part with
        Southland? They have invested alot of time and money to make
        this company sustain a profitable future. However,
        with all the economic troubles in Japan this might
        entice them to divest Southland at the right price. What
        would your guess be as to who might be interested in
        SLCM? I think somebody like an EXXON would pay a
        premium for the top store in the conveniece industry.

        Thanks Bill

      • In response to Labrador (earlier posting). It is
        true that there is serious competition from gas
        station stores, but in my area, Northern California, most
        7/11 are stand alone (no gas). All of the expansions I
        have seen are in high foot traffic areas, or near
        large apartment and condo projects where these is
        little competition. That is why they closed 2500
        underperforming stores, to weed out those with too much
        competition. Also, my business has taken me to Hong Kong,
        Spain, and other international locations. I was
        surprised to find 7/11 stores packed in these countries,
        and from what I have read, they are bringing the
        concept of U.S. retail to more countries. In Spain, where
        most grocery stores close from 2-5 and close again at
        8pm, 7/11 stores were the only game in town during
        those hours. I like the international expansion.

    • All things are looking positive, insider buying,
      investment articles have been written, and the company is
      really working on a turnaround. Let's face it, you see
      one of these stores without trying to hard to find.

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      • I plan to make my first purchuse tomorrow,
        couldn't agree with you more. I just think it is time for
        this stock to make its come back in the market. I have
        been tracking it for some time. It has paid a long and
        heavy price for its early history, and policies. My
        only concern is just all the good news as of late and
        the insider buying. What does it really mean?

        Thoughts to ponder!?!


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