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  • netanuhlist netanuhlist Feb 4, 2004 4:04 PM Flag

    Nice quarter, but the message is in...

    ...the guidance. CBTE had a huge January, and is well positioned to get many more contracts. Patent library is expanding the possibility of licensing pacts, so that could be another momentum source.

    We're no TASR here, because TASR gets pushed as much by short-covering as anything, but there are some similarities otherwise.


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    • there are utterly no similarities with tasr. yes, they are both companies. cbte will grow vastly slower. they did not have a huge january either. they had a decent quarter. so the stock is trading up on hopes that earnings can expand. they need to show that the contracts are meaningful in terms of bottom line. a few 400k contracts is nice, but will not help all that much.

      at this point headcount is a good criteria for judging growth. the patents are nice. however they are a long term asset. seeing one get licensed will be nice, however, patents in this market are essentially valueless. hgsi has thousands. value? zero.

      biotech patents are a dime a dozen now. you have to get a drug made and move it into pre-clinical before anyone cares.

      big pharma is not spending the bucks on early stage licenses.