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  • kkishb56 kkishb56 Jul 24, 2004 10:34 AM Flag

    Best entry would be: $3.30

    The chart support is very strong at the
    $3.30 level.......I just do not think it will
    get that low.....too many investors will be
    buying before it hits that target......

    However...........If the stock price gets
    close to 3.30..........I would be a buyer..

    best of luck.......Kish

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    • If Microsoft goes to $8 I will be a buyer too, but that ain't gonna happen. CBTE now has nearly $2 per share cash, a $3.30 price would vale non cash business assets at $4 million.
      CBTE is going nowhere but up this price is absurd.

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      • bid

        what i think you meant to say was the company has almost $2 per share in debt. remeber, the cash they received was from a private placement which is part of the problem and they are planning another. the reason this stock is going down is because managment is asleep at the wheel and they are not going to benefit from the biodefense initiative. what do they have for products. none. they only provide research services. its fluff and the tiny contracts they had are drying up. the gov. is looking to spend the money on vaccines, not research. i think 3.30 is reasonable.