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  • ddotdump ddotdump Aug 7, 2004 1:35 AM Flag

    Tanker size question

    I noticed tnp has 4 different types of tankers vllc's suzemax, aframax, and panamax.

    Can anyone describe which is smaller bigger etc.

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    • - courtesy of Steve of UK -

      Tankers are designed to carry liquid cargoes (not just oil) although the carriage of crude oil has brought the tanker unwelcome attention and largely unjustified criticism. Oil tankers come in two basic flavours, the crude carrier, which carries crude oil, and the clean products tanker, which carries the refined products, such as petrol, gasolene, aviation fuel, kerosene and paraffin. Tankers range in all sizes, from the small bunkering tanker (used for refuelling larger vessels) of 1000 DWT tons to the real giants: the VLCC and the ULCC's

      It should be remembered that over 60% of the world's oil is transported by these tankers, and over 99% of that arrives safely without causing pollution. Indeed most oil pollution seen on beaches comes from the engine rooms of vessels (of all types) and not from the cargo tanks of tankers.

      To ensure that oil tankers transport to all parts of the world, and not just the affluent western countries where freight rates might be expected to be higher, (and therefore tankers congregate), there is a system called WORLDSCALE, which ensures that net freight earnings for tanker owners are the same, regardless of length of voyage and varying costs (such as bunkers and port dues), so that a tanker will earn (net) as much per day on a route that is long and arduous as they will on a short and low cost voyage. This ensures that tankers take their goods to all parts of the world and don't just concentrate on the lucrative Middle East to Western Europe or USA routes.

      HANDYSIZE TANKER = 20,000 - 30,000 DWT
      HANDYMAX TANKER = approx 45,000 DWT
      PANAMAX TANKER = approx 79,000 DWT
      AFRAMAX TANKER = between 79,000 - 120,000 DWT
      SUEZMAX TANKER = between 120,000 - 180,000 DWT
      V.L.C.C. TANKER = between 200,000 - 300,000 DWT
      U.L.C.C. TANKER = over 300,000 DWT

      DWT = Deadweight tonnage of the cargo, bunker and movable equipment the vessel is capable of carrying.

      Maratime Glossary -
      Tanker rates declined due to seasonal weakness in demand esp. VLCC's- along w/ bear market seem to be the main reasons for pullback in TNP stock.

      Some smaller funds have sold their position in TNP, but there are more funds that increased or have taken new positions, and remember Jefferies acq 2.5 mil shs at $28 back in May, so TNP stock shd have support at this level..

      Steady as she goes, Sato

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