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    Medical Device Companies May Have Eyes On Non-Invasive Alternative Technology

    Calmare(R) is a non-invasive and non-narcotic chronic pain management therapy that has benefited many patients who have reported that their pain scale (VAS) number was reduced significantly, often down to "pain free" or "0," with those results lasting for months. And the technology is beginning to gain traction in the marketplace. It is one thing to see a small company making headway in a huge market and quite another when considering that larger medical device companies in the pain management sector could be interested in adding a non-invasive and non-narcotic alternative to their portfolio of pain management therapies. Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX), Stryker Corporation (NYSE:SYK) and Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) all offer an invasive and expensive pain therapy using spinal implants and they have done well in the marketplace. Significantly, all the aforementioned companies have a history of acquiring new technologies.

    The surgical alternative therapies for chronic pain offered by BSX, SYK and MDT are usually reimbursed by private insurance and Medicare. The implants enable the patients to control the intensity of electrical current for their own pain relief. Usually spinal implants are not advised for chronic pain patients until all other therapies have been exhausted and proven to be ineffective for a particular patient. In addition, the use of medications has come under increasing scrutiny due to their inherent addictive properties. So non-invasive pain medications can have a significant downside in the treatment of pain and can have a reduced effect over time with many patients.

    It is well accepted in the chronic pain management discipline that conventional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units do not provide long-term pain relief. But in the middle ground between non-invasive TENS and invasive surgical implants is a new technology - Calmare technology - which, depending on the pain condition and the individual patient, can provide long-term relief or reduction of neuropathic pain without surgery.

    Competitive Technologies (CTTC.PK) is the company with that potentially groundbreaking technology (technical details are accessible at

    Sporting a capitalization of only $18.9 Million (currently trading at $1.38/share), Competitive Technologies (CTTC.PK) is the licensed worldwide distributor of the non-invasive Calmare(R) pain therapy medical device (also known as MC-5A and/or "Scrambler Therapy"). On August 18, the company announced its first order from the US military--the sale of 12 Calmare units to be installed in nine U.S. military medical facilities in the U.S. and overseas (including Camp Pendleton, Camp LeJeune, and the Bethesda Medical Center). Click HERE for the full list of military locations.

    The military had conducted an evaluation of Calmare at a number of military hospitals for over a year resulting in an initial order from the Federal Government. As a frame of reference for the potential for additional Calmare placements, there are 1748 Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals and 266 Department of Defense (DOD) medical centers that could employ Calmare in their chronic pain management therapy regimen. Considering the Federal budget deficit problem, any technology that may provide a lower cost solution to chronic neuropathic pain will most likely be explored. BSX, MDT and SYK spinal implants are already being used within the US Military system.

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