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  • cookieabcd cookieabcd Feb 6, 2004 1:40 PM Flag

    read and reap

    those of you [very few] who were snatching up shares when I told you too----below $2----and didn't sell into strong hands [mine] are now realizing what a smart cookie I am-----those of you who sold or didn't buy are fools !!!!! I can lead you to the promise land ONLY if you respond to my superior knowledge and wisdom-----I bought another 5,000 shares right after earnings came out-----I 'm looking for $5/6 in the near future.I'm
    in sunny Florida ,golfing and enjoying the 80 degree weather -AND counting my hard earn gains on GIGA----no you can not have any of my 35,000 shares until GIGA is much much higher!!!!!!!
    heheheeeeeeeeee !!!!!!
    read and reap OR read and weep -GIGA is very under-valued and ran by a CEO who I have alot of respect for--------he is honest and hard working.
    you can take that to the bank!
    lots of trading today--over 100,000 shares
    DON'T SELL unless of course you are a fool !!!!
    one smart and rich cookie.

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    • you jinx this stock with your dumb comets, hope you get sunburn.

    • You must be one of the most conceded pumpers I've seen in a while. Those of you who listened to me.... If they would've listened to me for the year, they would've been up 225% on a 3 stock portfolio. I agree it looks like GIGA is quite undervalued. But I wouldn't be telling everyone I'm god just because you made a buck an a half on a dollar stock. I made 450% on one stock--AKS. Also made 160% on WEX, which EVERYONE should watch out for in the next 2 weeks. I only say this because I know that this is a small cap company and anyone who posts here likely does a little more research to find value stocks with fast growth potential. Take WEX to the bank. I think I'm going to try to get in on Giga on Monday for 300 shares or so. WEX is going to post huge numbers in a week or 2, and by the time any of us has a chance to get in cheap it will be too late. I'm hoping to ride giga for a quick buck/ we'll see how it does by Friday, but by Friday p.m. I'm out to buy some WEX in anticipation of an unexpected jump in profits and sales.

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