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  • saprophytic1 saprophytic1 Jun 2, 2003 9:46 PM Flag

    nice movement

    I couldn't agree more. WSBK just did this. It dropped about 3% but then recovered within a couple of weeks. I don't own it, but have been looking at it lately. My other recent buys (besides TLK) have been CHL and DHB.

    TLK has great fundamentals as far as I can tell. I'm a bit surprised it doesn't have more coverage.

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    • TLK is looking strong. It probably will give back some on the record date. But, the stock is strong, and it has room to go up.

      I would have to say that DHB is very intriguing to me. I'm going to watch it over the next few weeks. I like the fact that it opened another facility in Florida recently. It's P&L looks very strong now, but it's reflected in the major increase in accounts receivable and inventories. I'm sure they will collect since most of it appears to be from police armor. Also, long-term debt and capital has increased dramatically, probably to finance the expansion of its operations.

      I've seen this type of movement in expansion before. I feel that it will go down under 3 because its cash flow is suspect. However, as cash is collected reducing their receivables, and creating a steady cash flow, this stock will probably go through the roof.

      Good luck!

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      • I'll probably be buying more TLK on any dip.

        Is TLK a stock to buy and forget? How does it usually run? Any price targets would be helpful. Where are the bashers/nay-sayers? Or is this stock just that good...and still flying incognito?

        OT: DHB - Intriguing - yes. A lot of good information in the early posts. Would highly recommend going to the website and looking at the investors presentation. It is well worth the time. I am adding on any dips that happen (like today). Accounts receivable and inventories probably balanced by huge recent military order. Thanks for the experience related observations. I wouldn't be surprised if it dips more either but, like TLK, don't want to end up missing the boat because I was haggling over a few $ upfront.

    • It will have more coverage - eventually. I like the ones that we can sneak into first, though!

      Down big at the open. I must have been off a day on the ex-divvy (or I do not understand how it works very well) because I do not see any news. I assume the drop is due to the dividend. Not a problem.

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