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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob May 30, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    Lambs among wolves...

    Some of the recent/new posters on this board seem to feel that ARUN is due for a short squeeze, or is "breaking out of a basing area". I don't know how much of that's true, but just a few things to be aware of...

    First, you need to remember that "a base", to really be a base, needs to be at least 5 or 6 weeks. One week won't qualify,

    Secondly, I don't personally subscribe to the "short squeeze" theory, because who in their right mind would short a stock that fell from $17.61 to $12.38 in two days? If anything, you'd be loading up at that lowest point for the bounce, which is what ARUN is experiencing, currently.

    Lastly, you must consider the fact that the NASDAQ has had a v-e-r-y nice 10%+ rally in the past month; at some point, profits will be banked and it is going to consolidate. ARUN has experienced almost a 21% bounce already! Remember too that there is still a lot of uncertainty in the world market place, not to mention ARUN.

    ARUN may hit or get close to the $17 mark...but unless some very positive news begins to hit the wires pretty soon, nothing that I can see on the horizon is going to sustain it there for very long. At $17, you may very well begin to see ARUN enter a "consolidation" of it's own.

    Sooner than later it might be time to bank any profits you may have and wait for the next down leg....

    Just my $.03...adjusted for inflation.

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    • Let's have this conversation again when we get back to $17.
      IT IS WAY overdone oversold at this price level..... and I agree, around $17-$18, we need some encouraging news, and I think we will have that.... NEWS FROM Avago and others show another big wave of demands for network wireless services coming up in the summer.

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      • "when we get back to $17."

        This has been the traditional response for the two years that I've been on this board...

        "Just wait until..."

        This idea of investing on the "wing and a prayer" plan may be appealing to you. However, for anyone who's sole motivation is to earn a profit from their investment in a timely manner, ARUN is/has fallen woefully inadequate; short of even the most modest of expectations for some time now!

        For the "long term" investor, the "trend line" isn't broken until ARUN surpasses AND stay above $20.30...that's another 30% increase from here. I would NOT invest in ARUN with YOUR MONEY until this occurs.

        Ask nclag, bill and some of the other "longs" who have taken a drubbing, time after time. Their silence is deafening as much as their absence of recent participation is curious. I feel for them; it is very tough to "give up the ghost". We've all had similar experiences in investing, haven't we?

        Hope after hope being dashed every quarter; at some point we [hopefully[] learn from our errors.

        At some point ARUN has got to start producing results for their investors [NOT traders]...not just asking them to believe and trust in another "story"...

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