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  • questioner775 questioner775 Jul 5, 2008 8:03 PM Flag

    Is MCD management more interested in growing the company or making a political statement?

    Just read about the AFA boycott. That means millions of MCD customers will boycott. That's probably billions in revenue down the tubes. If you don't think that will have an impact then you will soon find out you are wrong. Just check Ford's performance before and after the boycott.

    Given the potential financial impact of this issue, why would MCD management insist on making a political statement by promoting the homosexual agenda? Someone - or some group of people - are using this company to promote their own beliefs at the expense of MCD shareholders. For major companies like McDonalds remaining neutral on sensitive issues makes significantly more financial sense - but now MCD shareholders are about to be the ones to foot the bill to promote someone else's politcal agenda.

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    • This is a asinine question. You are making a political statement with your boycot, then you ask if MCD is more interested in politics or profits. Well, according to resident Bob, MCD is all about profit. Bob knows everything, so that's your answer.

      As for comparing Ford before and after the boycott, that's like comparing the weather before and after a rain dance. Ford is down not because of the boycott but becausae they are no longer relevant. And it rained not because of your song and dance, but because it was going to rain anyway.

      I'm surrounded by idiots!

    • Doubt it will make a bit of difference. AFA clout is way overstated. EVERY company I am aware of is trying to get a share of of the high-profit GLB demographic. Anti-AFA sentiment is pretty strong, too. Being boycotted by a few thousand (if that many) fundies over a $20K membership to a niche C of C will more than likely be offset by increased patronage by those who consider AFA to be bigots. Go to the Web site and check out the other major companies that are also members. As a politically-conservative heterosexual, I think it is kind of funny to find MCD-haters, like our friend bob, aligned with the AFA. Now his problem becomes whether to be anti-gay or anti-corporate. Or both, like the AFA. And in spite of randyralph, who has demostrated frequently that he has a few "issues," and not just with with MCD, my opinion of queer fear is the same as my opinion of food fear.
      As far as "Just check Ford's performance before and after the boycott," Just check out ANY automobile company's performance lately. Or check out Disney. AFA boycotts, Disney has record year.

    • If you knew more about the personal lives of MCD upper mgmt. you would understand what's going on here. Sexual deviates need other sexual deviates to play with.

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