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  • hecla40coming hecla40coming Feb 9, 2011 1:28 PM Flag

    KO going red the headlines say one

    thing the details another they actually just met the number after inclusing a huge one time gain...
    so the pros are slithering out

    MCD had a similar post about 5.5% gain in same store sales then if you read the details it was actually 3% (this is less than inflation ad far less than mce costs are going to be for ingredients next quarter due to the fed creating inflation to help their banker friends at the expense of the public...

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    • Ben Bernanke is going to crush Mcdonalds and Coke profits next quarter
      look at the gain JUST TODAY in many key commodities:

      Earlier article on what to expect and sugar specifically coke main ingredient (which must be purchased by mcdonalds)..

      In some cases, prices may not rise, but you will see fewer discounts or get less for your money. For instance, because of sugar prices' 30-year high in late December, packages are expected to shrink to a four-pound bag, from a five-pound bag, Mr. Swanson says. "You're getting 20% less" for the same price, he says

      The feds are saying no inflation !
      this is to enable them to help their banker friends they don;t care what it does to mcdonalds or to low income people..
      They say there is no inflation to enable them to keep printing more money bankrupting the country
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