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  • coachzack coachzack Aug 19, 2013 8:04 PM Flag

    MCD Shuns New Ideas

    I was at a McDonalds waiting to place an order while a mother was struggling to get a commitment from the several children she had to supervise. In short order numerous customers started to line up. It took a while for the MOD to read the situation and try to speed up the orders by opening another window. I then remembered reading how MCD was trying to attract the youth by adding technology to the dinning area. The thought then surfaced to have terminals available for customers who were familiar with the menu and actually wanted quick service at the sit in dining area. The terminal would quickly process the order, allow for a quick credit card payment and then post the order on a lighted board which would alert the customer to the progress of the order. My son, who generally does not like my ideas, said this one really had merit. I tried to share the idea with the company and at all levels got the same answer"for legal reasons we do not accept ideas on how to improve our operation." As a stock holder I find this unsettling. The best way to build loyalty is to actually listen to people. I did find a web site that included a number for investor relations but when they returned my call they gave me the same line on not listening to ideas from even stock holders for legal reasons.
    "Weed" I know that you really love the company but this attitude has really soured me on the investment. MCD does need new ideas. The paradigm that drives success in the service industry is "listen to your customer and ....give them the pickle." Best of luck with your position with MCD. When I exit the position I will probably return only for a quick trade.

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    • As an "American" I find it unsettling that if they did adapt your suggestion the first thing you would probably do is sue them because some form of your idea is being used and you want YOUR FAIR SHARE of the ensuing financial benefits..........after all......that is the American way these days...... Shakespeare once said........"First.....we kill all the lawyers"...........hope I live long enough to see that...........

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      • My view of America is very different. I think we all still get a kick out of just finding better way to do things. People don't offer ideas to improve service on the hopes of getting some kind of compensation. I made it clear that I was a stock holder and that I just wanted to share my observation and subsequent reaction with an appropriate body. What was unsettling was that they simply did not have an avenue open for public suggestions. Suggestions, like the posts on this board are public domain.

    • Wipe the egg off your face, pal!

      "European McDonald’s restaurants testing touchscreen terminals," May 16, 2011

      "McDonald’s will provide a new way for customers to order food at its 7,000 locations in Europe. A Financial Times story states that this new method involves touchscreen terminals with built-in credit card readers. On the surface, this change could expedite the process of ordering fast food. "

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      • Blade_miser:
        I was not aware of this development. Thanks for the info. It certainly confirms my original thinking. I went a little further with the idea by suggesting the iphone develop an MCD app which could be used for ordering on the run. It do would have the same features as the touch screen terminal and some kind of pay verification system (prepaid credit account with MCD, paypal derivative or something). I know the customers in their early twenties would go for this as well.

    • Fast food is the last thing you get from this so called fast food restaurant. They can make more money with slow trash food at a high price for fools such as yourself.

    • What do you expect from this company with total disregard for the health of their customers? do you think for one minute they care about your time? Do you think you are dealing with nice people? No, you are dealing with murdering profiteers and enemies of the human race. They have a captive audience of idiots that walk through those doors and you are included.

    • coreylynnh Aug 20, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

      Did anybody leave the line and go elsewhere?

      The company needs to do a cost benefit analysis of the technology you suggest. They probably have data on number of customers that leave after a certain amount of time waiting in line. If the cost to implment your suggestion is say $1 billion, but it will only save $1 million of lost customer sales per year, then there is no way the company nor the shareholders would want to implement that system. They can invest that $1 billion on many other things and get better returns on their money. Now of course I am leaving out customer service and/or satisfaction into that equation. Perhaps you, or a few other people, will think twice before going to MCD. But I doubt it since the main reason you are there is to pick up food fast, and even a 10-minute wait is much faster than sitting down at a restaurant. I am sure they have that data too. Most people would also just shake that off as bad timing and bad luck. So even though the idea sounds great and may boost customer satisfaction, in terms of dollars it could mean a huge loss. So for example, if MCD decided to install big screen TV's at every table, provide top of the line headphones for each TV, and even have a gaming system such as XBOX with each TV too, that would likely improve customer satisfaction. But the benefit received for the cost would be puny and a poor return on those investments (not to mention the cost to repair/replace broken equipment, etc.).

    • this is excellent news. I'm thrilled the company doesn't solicit or accept advice from shareholders. Management should be focused and not chasing half baked ideas. Excellent work management team!!!

      I will be adding to my position on this news.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • It turns out the MCD must have been thinking on the same lines as they are piloting an app for use this quarter. Apparently the idea was not half baked. Some day they may want to rethink their policy on listening to the ideas of customers for with the customer generally knows more about t he flaws in service than the manager.

      • Do you think these people are going to take advice from shareholders? Whats wrong with you have rats eaten your brain, have you been eating to many fries,. Geesh get a grip that's like asking the president to take advice from the voters, they would all have a different opinion. I know you are full of yourself but get a grip.

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