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  • joelsilver29 joelsilver29 Aug 30, 2013 6:47 AM Flag


    In Das Kapital and other writings he said many times Capitalism will eventually collapse when the workers unite and overrule company owners with their sheer numbers to pay more profits to said workers until the company sees no more reason to exist as a profit making enterprise

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    • It is a factor of the lost American middle class. Something we had since the 1950's. The middle class has never existed in society in the hiistory of the world, There are the few riich and the masses of poor. America will become that. Meet you on the barricades.

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      • coreylynnh Sep 6, 2013 8:02 PM Flag

        But why will it become that? That is the question everyone fails to ask. Capitalism works, it has for over 200 years in the U.S. Capitalism helped create that middle class.

        So why do things look bleak now? Well, it is likely a varied combination of things but to the core it is corruption and manipulation. The Government was set up to prevent corruption having three branches and checks and balances to prevent corruption. But we have just two main political parties, each corrupt and bent on grabbing or maintaining their own power and control. The Executive Branch has usurped power at an ever-increasing rate for over 100 years. The Senate, originally set up that the States appointed their representatives to protect individual States' rights, has been tainted to become just another popular vote elected body thanks to the 17th Amendment. There are no more representatives for the States per se. The Supreme Court has been horribly politicized and polarized. All of the branches have become polarized into the two political party camps and no longer seek common goals but seek power and control. The U.S. economy is totally controlled by a for-profit group of bankers called the Federal Reserve. The Government has a spigot of money revenue called income tax, illegal until 1913 with the passing of the 16th Amendment, which are not earmarked for anything and used by politicians to scratch backs with pet projects and win votes (in essence a legalized form of campaign contributions). A Healthcare system controlled by a cartel called Health Insurance companies, which now every American is mandated to buy into. (Cartel because Health Insurance companies price-fix doctor and hospital services). The list can continue from here.

    • marx was an economic thoerist far ahead of his time. Moreso than anyone posting on these boards.

    • When these union thugs decide that they simply want to disrupt the business and cause anarchy, Employers/Company owners will simply close the business and move their business overseas where people are hungry, destitute and grateful to have the new company hiring them. These fatslob lazy 'union' slackers have never had hard times and dont appreciate a job. Thats ok because when they sit around unemployed and broke most of the time mabye they will learn to appreciate a job.

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