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  • alblmfld alblmfld Aug 31, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Does This increase in minimum wage help out skilled employees too?

    I've been driving a semi for 16 years and Currently make what comes out to about $18 an hour. Will I get a raise too, or will my 16 years of experience mean I only make $3 more than a 16 year old kid getting his first job?

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    • I would worry more about Quantitative Easing which is diluting the value of the dollar. You may make $18 but is is not the same value as what $18 was. That is why some jobs are starting to come back from China. Our workers wages is becoming more competitive with wages in Asian countries.

    • I dont see the point of worrying about what other people earn that is between them and their employer. If there lack of skills dont merit the pay they will eventually be unemployed. You wont have to worry about losing your job because you are obviously good at it. If MCD is dumb enough to double the wages of unskilled workers they will have to layoff alot of them and wont be able to operate efficiently. I doubt MCD will double the wages of these unskilled workers to appease democrats. It would have been nice to see MCD fire these losers who renegged on their agreement. They agreed to accept the minimum wage job and now they are breaching the agreement and should be fired.

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      • but the unions are already winning the battle in the court of public opinion..Case in point..In two weeks MCD board will decide on how much to hike the dividend rate...You can bet it will be the samllest increase in many years ..because to increase it alot..will again rile up the media and their union thugs to start yapping see we were right..these pig owners are swimmimg in cash and us poor slaves are being abused

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