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  • jj.1946 jj.1946 Aug 31, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    wages and union

    these people are already over pay for what they do if they think these jobs are for family provider they are dumber than we think these jobs are for School Kids not adults

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    • unemployed_obama_college_grad unemployed_obama_college_grad Aug 31, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

      Uneducated, Unskilled Illegal aliens accept these minimum wage jobs and find a way to live off of these jobs and actually quit and find better paying jobs or they get another minimum wage part time job and they live in homes with 10 illegal alien families to share costs and make ends meet until they find a better paying job. I respect the illegal alien more than these socially promoted inner city morons who are breaching their minimum wage agreement with MCD. MCD franchissee should fire these losers.

    • What is not being mentioned here is that MCD offered them a minimum wage job and they agreed to accept the minimum wage job. It is an agreement and they are renegging on their agreement. I they no longer agree they can quit the agreement and find another job.

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      • Exactly. If the employer offered minimum wage jobs and nobody wanted the job the employer would have to offer more money to get someone to take the job. There are plenty of people taking the employers offer. If those who accept the minimum wage job no longer want to accept it then they should quit and find another employer who is willing to pay them more. Otherwise they should shut up or if they strike they should be fired for breaching their agreement. Nothing I despise more than all these lazy stupid union bufffoons standing outside Walgreens with signs that say " Labor Dispute Shame on Walgreens".

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