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  • alblmfld alblmfld Sep 1, 2013 1:22 AM Flag

    Why does it seem like McDonald's take all the heat for unhealthy menu?

    I know McDonald's isn't the healthiest place to eat, but it seems like all other fast food joints just get a pass, meanwhile everybody bashes McDonald's for it.

    McDonald's has even taken steps to put healthier things on the menu, like salads and apple slices for kids meals instead of fries. Also McDonald's has gotten rid of the super sized fries because of the bad publicity from Super Size me.

    Meanwhile you have fast food joints like Hardees/Carl's Jr. that basically run advertisements about how unhealthy their food is. A guy eating a Monster Burger with ketchup running down the side of his face. He doesn't stop there he then goes ahead and eats the cheese that got stuck to the rapper, you then hear the announcer say something like, "ahhh run off cheese."

    Like I said, McDonald's got rid of the Super Size, but most other fast food joints still have their verson of it. Wendy's has a triple burger, triple burger with bacon, they even have a burger called the baconator, apparently it's a hamburger that travels in time to kill you. Meanwhile you never hear anything about Wendy's, or Hardee's/Carl's Jr. or any other fast food chains taking heat for the same thing McDonald's does.

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