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  • boar292hog boar292hog Sep 11, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    MCDs, change back or become irrelevant....

    I remember when the quarter pounder first came out, wow, a big, juicy burger on a nice bun. Today I tried the 1/4 pounder w/bacon & cheese. The bun was the same bun MCDs cleverly went too a few years back which is a disappointment, the burger was dry, puck like, and not appealing to look at or for that matter, eat. I ate it, my Grandson wanted nuggets, we ordered the 6 piece kids nuggets, we got the 4 piece! I can't say which one I was charged for.......oh well, maybe the speaker wasn't clear, maybe the phone rep was alittle delinquent in english, it happens. Though I must say, I think it happens at this particular location more than it should! Oh well.....

    MCDs and BKW essentially gave birth to the WEN Pretzel/bacon/cheeseburger by standing by and watching WEN do it! Its not like MCDs doesn't have the means to compete directly with THAT BURGER.

    But now, that we BOOMERS are getting just old enough to want to slow down and get alittle wiser with our menu choices, it seems MCDs and frankly all fast food places are competing for the dwindling burger eaters who follow the boomer generation. Health Food seems to be the operative trend. HOWEVER, one knows he is in for a BURGER when he goes to most BURGER PLACES like MCD....BKW...WEN.

    The real winners in the BURGER WARs are the new guys! Five Guys.....Smashburger....and others will creep into the market because of onething............if you WANT A BURGER....not a scaled down, dried out, no grease/juice or anything....then go to MCDs.
    In fairness to MCDs, maybe it was a bad day today and I got a dried out disc burger...I don't know. But I do know this, while the burger landscape SURROUNDING (more and more!) the traditional fast food burger joints, it would be wise to take note. In fact take note and change, or become even more irrelevant by CREATING/ALLOWING the very foothold these new up and coming operations have without any competition in sight.
    At least WEN's is making the change!

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