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  • bigjohnson499 bigjohnson499 Sep 13, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

    10 dollar minimum wage in CA

    CA lawmakers pass 10 minimum wage. McDonald's won't like that it will cut into its profits. 10 dollar in CA will make CA the highest and will really upset the borders.

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    • Yeah, right. Let's follow the lead of California! That'd be smart.

    • In California almost everyone makes more than $10 an hour. It will make no difference to MCD because WEN and Burger king etc will have to pay it also. We fat Americans will pay anything to eat all the junk food resturant's sell. Just facts, I mean no insults.

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      • They may make $10 an hour , but the employers portion of Socialist Security and Medicare adds another dollar an hour to employee payroll cost.. Don't forget that Obamacare is going to add $1.74 an hour.
        In case you have not noticed California is losing industry. Buck knife moved to Idaho, Fidelity insurance moved to Jacksonville, do you have an automobile plant or aircraft plant left?
        We have a new movie studio opening here in Georgia, while several TV series are being produced here. Even your seaports are losing traffic to the east coast seaports. The state of California has so much debt and their solution is raise taxes. It won't be long like LA will look like Detroit or Buffalo.

      • California is a place that should be sent out to sea, sunk and forgotten. New Yorkers are more polite, intelligent and real that the sun baked dim witted yuppie clowns called Californians, What a disgusting waste of real estate to have these California nut jobs taking up that space. The only good thing about that disgusting place is they are almost as far as they can get from me and still be in the same country, however if I had my way they would no longer be a part of my country and I would declare war on them and put them all in Pelican bay and Folsom. There may still be some hope for anything north of San Francisco.

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      • A. The customer is happy at McD's
        B. The customer is happy at WEN
        C. The customer is happy at BK.
        What is your point?

      • Robotics are about to take over fast food ... higher min wage will just hasten the job loss. All MCD has to do is turn their order terminals around and install new robotics ... you will get faster cheaper service and they could sell off lots of real estate as robotics need far less space than people. looks like a huge op for growth in this industry

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