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  • romannorga romannorga Sep 15, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    Republicans have ALWAYs said that raising the miniumn wage would cost jobs. Fact is it never happened..

    Raising miniumn wage actually created more jobs. Fact!!!

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    • Being stupid and ignorant is OK. Trying to spread such stupidity and ignorance like an epidemic is a sin. The lazy people in the USA are getting overpaid, you idiot. This is what drags our economy.

    • For ALL you idiots on this board. Whenever the minimum wage was increased lower income people bought more and spent more. EVERYONE benefited! Look at the economy, every time the national minimum wage was raised the economy benefited. Now you dummy's line up for your lolipops!

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      • coreylynnh Sep 19, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

        Why do you think the labor jobs moved overseas? Because in the Corporation's eyes American workers were overpaid without the benefit of providing that much more productivity. That in addition to less regulations overseas. I do value some regulations, I mean I like clean air and water, but I work in the chemical industry and the regulations sometimes make no sense at the expense of the companies. And when the playing field is terribly uneven then Corporations will move. The Unions overpaid themselves into near oblivion. It will take a long time before Union membership gets to its membership levels even compared to 10 years ago, if ever.
        Let's run this even further. Do you think raising the minimum wage to $10/hour is good? Why not $15/hr? How about $1000/hr? Do you think a minimum wage of $1000/hr is good for the economy? My point is there is a happy medium between wages and company profit. No other economy in the world has settled what this happy medium should be better than Capitalism and free markets. Raising the minimum wage is liek throwing a dart at a board and choosing whatever minimum wage we feel like today. By skewing the market it always has an unanticipated consequence to the economy. Remember cash for clunkers? Due to that program used car prices increased because the supply of used cars was greatly reduced. The poorer people who could not afford new cars could also no longer afford used cars. You always have to be careful of what consequences manipulation of markets can do. I would hope people would realize that after all of the recent "bubbles".
        What is your objective by raising the minimum wage? Is it "distribution of wealth"? Then the better proposal is to tie executive compensation to the compensation of the workers of a corporation. So if they want to cut workers' compensation or lay people off, they too have to feel a negative consequence by reducing their compensation and vice versa if they want big bonuses.

      • Not if you are a customer because you will go elsewhere because the food is cheaper
        Not if you are a shareholder because it reduces your return and the dividend that you hoped to live on. Go to college and study something that will pay you more like Math or Engineering.

    • Businesses, especially small businesses, have always claimed that raising the minimum wage will force them to raise prices of cut jobs. Regardless raising the minimum wage will always result in hurting customers who have to pay more for goods and services.

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    • You are so ignorant..Half of MCD employees will be eliminated in the next 5-10 years by robots....The irony is that these people are being OVERPAID not UNDERPAID....Just wait...

    • Could you give an example or back your claim up with something? Saying fact doesn't make it a fact. Most new jobs are created by small business growing. Raising minimum wage always hurts the small business that's trying to grow.

    • coreylynnh Sep 16, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

      Fact???? You need some supporting evidence to claim it is fact.

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