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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Feb 14, 2014 7:30 AM Flag

    Would have to think that these winter storms have to be hurting MCD.

    It is not like well we didn't go to MCD's our 2x's this week so we will go 4x's next week. This is business that is lost and they have lost a lot of it this winter.

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    • This applies to the entire restaurant industry as well as the entertainment, airline and other time-sensitive industries. There's really no way to make up for lost sales. This is not unique to McDonald's, but it certainly hurts them. It's all part of the climate change phenomenon that is only going to get worse. These are the risks that have made me decide to get out of most of my individual stocks in favor of a total stock market index fund or ETF such as the VTI or VOO. They were up 33% for 2013, which ran circles around MCD. Trying to pick and choose individual stocks is a fools' game. This strategy also eliminates the burden on my heirs of having to decide what to hold and what to sell after I die. I've instructed them to hold VTI and its open-end brother VTSAX and liquidate only enough to live on when they get older.

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      • lol, remember when it was "global warming" until we had really cold winters, now it's climate change. Yep, it does change.
        I hope your heirs or you don't have to sell your voo or ETF's for income in a down market like 2008. Maybe you can skip those years and wait for a 2013. You sure couldn't live on the divs..
        Also, look at a long term chart of MCD when comparing, how does that stack up against VTI? When youre selling the ETF that lays the golden egg, I'll be living off divs of stocks that pay every month or 90 days, while you sweat Mr. Market.

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