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  • changpty changpty Feb 25, 2011 10:27 PM Flag



    Is this a phantom company?

    going back to 0.0001 soon

    better invest in mrnj who signed a deal with mediafly to cover all platforms and have over 1000 apps in itunes and producing over 100 apps per month. own the michael jackson apps soon to be sold on itunes and other smartphone platforms. big deals in china.
    do your own dd. and still around 0.03 but not for long, is flying on monday. try their free apps "relax & sleep well" by glen harrold.

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    • Early in the development gives a low valuation.Get on now at
      0,0006 or later when the whole businessplan is being put out and having a price of 0,010 ? Whats best ? When to buy ?
      management have not diluted.They could easily have sold 100-200 mill shares
      this last friday.But they didnt.They wont dilute until prices get
      really high and good.And is a dilution a bad thing ? A dilution
      gives money to the company.This capital gives room for expansion.
      MRNJ had an enormous dilution during 2010.But the reason for that
      was that they had this huge debt of nearly 7 mill dollars to PHP.
      That didnt do any good for the company except it reduced the companys debt to now only 530 K.But that money didnt turn into
      develope the company.But it was good for me.When the debt thing
      was done with, I bought 4 mill + shares and made some bucks on it.
      If APCX goes for a dilution the money will be wisely spend on
      ACQUISITIONS that will give real revenues to the company and not
      to spend it on some huge debt.Thats the difference.

    • I'm only looking to add on to get my shares to a total 1,000,000....its not a lot of money and i originally got in at .0004 ....only time will tell

    • AppTech intends to be the first to market with a
      multi-language App Store that does the following:
      •Provides a one stop shop for the consumer seeking mobile apps, ensuring quality and usability.
      •Provides incentives to developers to continue development of mobile apps and make available on multiple platforms, in multiple languages throughout the world.
      •Works with Developers on all platforms and reduces the financial and language barriers to putting app software in the global market
      New Developments
      > January 6, 2011 -- New Android App News - AppTech Corp's See Jesus App To Be Available For Android Based Smartphones -- See News Release

      See Jesus App Feature Page -- Click Here

      To Purchase The See Jesus App -- Click Here

      > December 28, 2010 -- AppTech Global, Inc. Announces Holiday Response
      to 'See Jesus' App Available Through Apple Stores -- See News Release

      December 9, 2010 -- (See News Release) -- Partnership with
      Internet Software Technologies (IST) to Market and Distribute
      IST's WebTimesheets Software Announced

      December 6, 2010 -- (See News Release) -- Brazilian Soccer Players Information Smartphone App Development And Marketing Agreement Announced

      December 3, 2010 -- (See News Release) -- and Interview CEO Eric Ottens
      Click Here to listen to a recording of the show.

      November 11, 2010 -- (See News Release) -- AppTech's 'See Jesus' and
      Daily Prayer App Now Available on Apple's App Store

      November 9, 2010 -- (See News Release) -- "Management has completed a restructuring of AppTech's capital structure that we believe places us in a much better position to implement our operational plans. This restructuring should also provide us with better opportunities to raise capital."

      "I am excited about the opportunities for us to grow our business and remain committed to maximizing shareholder value."
      -- Eric Ottens, CEO of AppTech Corp.

    • I hope your right bushman....I'm in on this stock too...I was already in on this stock but I"m going to buy more shares monday....I"m still holding to all of my mrnj shares too

    • Good luck to you too. You earned well on mrnj. I hope i earn so many as you in à while. Would be great. Have à good weekend

    • The CEO have a businessplan.And he is an experienced business maker.He will introduce many apps on especially the Latinamerican side.The company is only valued
      to 1,5 mill if you count 0,0005 as a starting point.I think the upside is huge.The rumours have it they are negotiating with
      both Argentina and Colombia.Do your DD and try to find out yourself if this is something for you.I wrote that I am in with 10 mill shares here.i must correct and say it is actually 12 mill in my hands.GLTU Remon

    • I made 110000 dollars on MRNJ.You can all read my posts on the MRNJ board.But I dont think MRNJ is any way near to what APCX is about to perform.Therefore I sold and got into
      APCX.If MRNJ are very lucky they can get to 0,035 before year end.
      But APCX can very well be a 30 bagger from here 0,0006 to 0,018 or
      even higher.Latinamerica is a much better marketplace for apps than most other
      parts of the world.Especially english speaking countries or countries were they can speak decent english.
      The latest deal with Orinoco was a great move.And more is coming.

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