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  • warmonice warmonice Feb 13, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Stock price

    Can someone please tell me why this stock price is going up? This generally happens before bad news!!

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    • Check out the Insider Transactions. This Mr. Ballentine seems to think this is a good investment.

    • warmonice,

      First of all, I'm assuming you honestly want to know the truth, and you're not just another one of those resident idiots/liars who want to see the company fail.

      If my assumption about you is correct, I suggest you go back to dig up my posts on this board since Nov. Read my take with an open mind. And forget all of the liars who live on this board.

      Secondly, if you are the lazy type who are here for a short answer, here it is:

      The SEC will be proven, for the second time, that it really didn't have a case against LPHI.

      You want to know why, you have to read my posts.

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      • On Dec 24, on the eve of Christmas, I posted these short words, - go back to review my posts in History of LPH, if you haven't -

        "I think the stock will jump to $4 after the earning report coming up, based on the guidance from Q2.

        It's awfully clear, after the TX AG was defeated, that shorts were liars.

        That was my basis for going long the stock.

        Those shorts have to sell it lower. That's good, b/c they will have to cover them much higher."

        Well, yesterday, the stock reached $4. Still want to argue with me, losers and liars of the board? I did call out all of the liars on this board after I started posting here.

        What's next? Technically, the breakdown came on the SEC news in Jan 2012. I would assume that the stock will go back to that level prior to the SEC news. So, technically, mind that gap to $5.5 level.

    • The stock is not trading on fundamentals, is it? My guess is that the bulk of the shares are now in friendly hands, meaning this stock is very easy to manipulate. Squeeze? I don't think there are many shorts left. Another dividend? It just lowers the assets and book value when there is no revenue to replace it. Sales? You have to be kidding. The big problem is what happens to those who are holding the bag last?

      If your read Faber's letter and get Arnott's research, it is obvious that the equity markets should sell off at some point. But that should have little effect on this stock. Eventually it goes to almost nothing, but how it gets there is another story.Again, the greater fools will be the ones thinking that this is an investment and holding onto it. At least that is my opinion.

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