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  • tenk_43 tenk_43 Oct 21, 2005 11:51 PM Flag

    Earnings Monday am prior to open

    Any guesses, I say revenue over $10M

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    • As I understand it, due to herd mentality, this is the perfect time to buy, with one week to go. Only, you have to use the advanced formula. It's not "Buy the rumor sell the news." It's "Buy the rumor, sell B4 the news." Buy now and sell the day before release. Sure, with Murphy's law, it will jet and you will miss it, but think of all the times you did not use this rule in this obvious of a play. It will go up before the news in a play like this 85% of the time. It should go up after, but that, is never 85%, that is like real real hard to say and can even jet down. If we knew that, we are either insiders for this one or would be rich in no time.

    • ALBMW has been trying ever so hard to make this stock come down to $5.50. He has failed. He is a frustrated basher of TGE who for some reason or other doesn't get in, claims he does not like the stock but hangs around it's board. You figure it out. As for me I have my investment in and plan on making money off the run!

    • What does my having made money off TGE have to do with you coming continously on this board bashing TGE? Anyone who has bought TGE in the $7 or 8 range will make money. TGE will be back up in the teens come winter.

    • I'm up about $478. I only have a small position though. 2500 at an avg. of just under 7.16

    • Are you sure they are on Monday? Based on last quarter's announcement that would make sense, but did you speak with the company, or are you just guessing?

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      • I did not speak to the company. I am going on the previous five quarterly reports. All have been on the 4th Monday after the close of the quarter. I was able to time the report in July. Look for a release very early Monday AM.

        I am convinced we should see a nice pop.

        I have a question. In previous announcements, earnings were diluted by preferred dividends. With the just completed equity offering has the company eliminated this preferred and therefore not diluted earnings?

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