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  • tonasket75 tonasket75 Nov 4, 2009 9:45 PM Flag

    Mr Market "eventually" gets it right. More Downside risk

    market shoots first, then waits for the story to unfold...I am sorry for all you longs..I was long as well..but always long term stops in place..bought on the way up...I sold today barely break my stop..but didnt take the haircut many other did..if you look at pattern of huge drops like this..the next trading day is often down as well as one posted..those forced to sell, those who where long and afraid more downside will sell, those with margin calls will have to sell..and while I wish I had a cystal ball..tomorrow will likely see selling for above reasons..about 3-5 trading days from now you will see where it settles will be based on what Mr. Market thinks...not what you and I think..good luck all...this is a trading day that deserves a stiff drink and a reminder about long term stop loss orders always in place...good luck all

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