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  • remodel_0617 remodel_0617 Nov 5, 2009 3:06 PM Flag

    One of the best secrets from a market maker

    You guys keep refering to UBS stopping us from going higher at 14.60 14.45 or whatever the price happens to be on that run up.
    The first reaction is they are selling and/or shorting, stopping us from breaking through that level. One of the secrets they use, is the trick of illusion...Making you think one thing, and they are doing exactly the opposite...they flash sell orders in size, to hold down the price, all the while, they are buying the shares from those who are frustrated and sell each time it fails...all the while building up a sizable position for themselves or a client at a specific price level. This action could go on for days...weeks...Its called accumulation.....They dont want to accumulate at higher prices.....they have an order at these price levels....and they want very much, to fill that entire order to keep that customer coming back the next, lets talk about them holding the price down, in a more positive manner. Those who are patient, and dont sweat every 1-2% move this stock makes, will be the winners at the end. if your looking for an instant winner, this maight not be the right stock right now. JMHI
    Good luck to all!!

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