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    sTec(R) Enterprise-Class Solid-State Storage Solutions Strike Oil, Dramatically Accelerating GeoEnergy's Application Performance


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    Apr 30, 2013 09:00:01 (ET)

    SANTA ANA, Apr 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) -- sTec, Inc. , a leading global provider of solid-state storage solutions, today announced that GeoEnergy, Inc. has deployed sTec(R) enterprise-class solid-state drives (SSDs) in its data center, enhancing GeoEnergy's workload performance by a factor of 10. GeoEnergy's role in oil and gas exploration consists of processing and analyzing large data sets from seismic surveys, which can be as large as tens of terabytes. By replacing its existing SSDs used in its seismic data server with sTec enterprise-class SSDs, GeoEnergy was able to meet the performance and durability demands of its extremely I/O-intensive applications.

    Earlier this month, sTec announced that its extensive range of solid-state solutions are now available to enterprise customers through the company's new direct sales and global channel programs, expanding sTec's reach into new vertical markets. The vertical markets now benefiting from this more-direct channel include oil and gas, as well as financial services, government, content and cloud, and telecommunications.

    Typical in the oil and gas industry, GeoEnergy faces huge computational and storage resource demands driven by seismic processing. After doubling its computing capacity in a matter of months, GeoEnergy needed to scale its I/O performance to meet even more demanding workloads. The company attempted to improve its application performance by using consumer-grade SSDs, but those failed after only six months, and risked impacting project deadlines. GeoEnergy then replaced the drives with sTec enterprise-class SSDs.

    "There are many areas where you can cut corners to maximize value, but going with consumer SSDs can be a costly decision when they fail," said Shawn Stephens, senior IT administrator for GeoEnergy. "sTec SSDs are not just faster--they're also more durable. Greater predictability and performance allows us to

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