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  • investor.individual investor.individual May 16, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Sales growth - Controller Chip

    Thoughts on sales growth? Rumor a few big qualifications at a few major OEMs, and NON OEM growth is improving faster than expected. Trading below book value. IP, they have their own controller. '

    In a few months if all this is true, trades to 9 dollars a share. SSD growth is ramping, TAM is growing.

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    • Rumor of 'few big qualifications'? I don't know where that rumor would start. sTec has already talked about that in past earnings cc. All the quals are done for Zeus Gen4. None of the OEMs are buying in volume at this point and given the forecast and tone of last couple of earnings cc, no one is going to buy that in volume. I also don't see where non-OEM is growing faster than expected. It's growing, but competition is stiff. That they have their own controller is no big deal. Everyone has their own controller. Per forecasts there is no way this is 9 dollars in a few months. All forecasts are for losing money for at least the next 3 or 4 qtrs unless some miracle happens.

      sTec is a day trading vehicle. Has been for the last 4 years. Do that and you can make some $.

    • Something seems to be happening, around May 15 three big buyers including Balcher Hill that doesnt like the management's plan.

    • sadly, the company's relentless sales drop had scared off most of the old solid posters.. and all we see in name calling. My worry with company projections is that they were supposed to see solid growth my q2 of 2012. then postponed to this til next year. i think the compnay is in a solid industry but their first to market advantage evaporated without a fight. the only way we see 9... is if they can somehow surprise big. so far they have been endlessly qualifiying product with no sales. they must have given away too many freebies because sales expense is still high. come on stec.....start fighting !!!