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  • philharpster philharpster Aug 30, 2000 7:32 AM Flag

    SEC Notified - TKCI Unethical Practices

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing this
    letter in the hopes that you will disclose the unlawful
    practices of The Keith Companies, Inc. (TKCI) I was an
    employee of the firm for over two years. During that time,
    I noticed many unethical practices by the officers
    of the firm. I kept attentive as to these practices
    over time to determine what course of action I should
    take. Since I am no longer an employee, I feel it is my
    obligation to bring these mischievous practices to light so
    that the SEC can acknowledge the issues, inform the
    public and mitigate the problem.

    The Keith
    Companies wage breakdown defies the compensation policy as
    defined by the Department of Labor. The firm has salary
    groupings according to color; The Blue Group is for
    technical staff which is compensated time and a half for
    any hours past 40 hours a week. The Red Group is for
    the management staff who is compensated by a yearly
    salary. Any hours past 40 can be stored in a "Comp Bank"
    to be used by the employee rather than vacation or
    sick time. Then there is the White Group. The majority
    of the employees are in this group. This
    professional staff is compensated by an hourly salary, but any
    time past 40 hours is paid straight time, not time and
    a half. This frustrates me because the firm refused
    to hire anyone to assist me once they put me in this
    group, knowing that they didn't have to pay me overtime
    and the firm reaped in the financial rewards of my
    labor. This is completely unethical and against the law,
    and I am not quite sure how they have gotten away
    with this for so long. If I counted how many hours I
    had worked overtime and added them up, the company
    would owe me approximately $10,000 dollars in overtime
    pay. If required, I would be more than happy to
    furnish copies of my timecards reflecting my overtime

    Another questionable practice by the firm is their
    depositing of 401K funds into the employees' accounts.
    Merrill Lynch currently maintains The Keith Companies
    401K program. I have contacted them numerous times in
    regards to the firm's deposits and they were baffled as
    to how The Keith Companies was making them since
    they had no consistency. The Keith Companies would
    take money from my paycheck every two weeks, hold the
    money for a month in "who know's who's" account, then
    would deposit fractions of the money at a time. After
    considering how many employees are employed with The Keith
    Companies and multiply 5% of each of their salary
    contributions into the 401K plan, then figure the interest
    earned by The Keith Companies over the course of 30 days
    on all these employees' monies, the amount disgusts
    me. SHAME ON THEM! I left the firm the end of April,
    2000 and I was still receiving deposits up until July,
    2000. Where did all my money go? Obviously I wasn't
    earning interest nor was I able to invest the money I
    contributed because of The Keith Companies' unethical

    I am appealing to you to notify the public, make
    them aware of the shady dealings of this firm and
    investigate these issues. I will make every effort to let the
    public know about these issues on bulletin boards and
    warm them not to invest with a company who does not
    care about the force that drives the company's
    success, the people. I know for certain that I am not
    alone in questioning the legality of their practices.
    There are several employees who are still with the firm
    who will bring these issues to your attention as well
    once they are able to find other positions. I was
    fortunate enough to find a position with another firm
    whereas these other employees have families and
    responsibilities that force them to succumb to The Keith Companies
    and their mischievous ways.

    Please contact me
    as soon as possible and let me know when the SEC
    will be able to investigate these issues. If you need
    any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    • philharpster, You are complaining about the TKCI
      401K? I just wish that I was in their 401K. Most
      compaines give the option of putting all or a portion of
      ones investment in company stock. Looking at the
      chart, It appears to me that from July to present one
      would have made 60% on his investment. How can you
      complain about that?

    • You are the dumbest person I have ran into on
      these boards yet. Do you know what the SEC is

      Here is an intro from their site:

      "The primary
      mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
      (SEC) is to protect investors and maintain the
      integrity of the securities markets. As more and more
      first-time investors turn to the markets to help secure
      their futures, pay for homes, and send children to
      college, these goals are more compelling than

      You must be a short or something. The SEC should
      investigate you for misleading the investing

      Get a life, kook

    • Re <The firm has salary groupings according to
      I love the way you picked your words - your
      selections sort of give your charges an illegal EEOC slant
      to it.

      Re <I will make every effort to
      let the public know about these issues on bulletin
      Take a look at a one-month chart of TKCI. So
      far, you are not exactly shaking up any of us early
      investors in the Keith Co.

      Still long and loving the
      Keith Company (though I liked their old Internet site

    • Dear Phil Harpster,

      You are a moron. Why
      would the SEC give a rat's ass about your ridiculous
      employment grievances. Many companies hold 401(k) money for
      a while and reap the benefit of the float. Deal
      with it. And if paying you only straight-time were
      illegal, then I'm sure the state Labor Department would
      have already done something about it. In any event,
      TKCI is obviously better off without a disgruntled
      crybaby like you working for them. And no, I do not work
      for TKCI. I work for another company in the
      construction industry and part of my job is dealing with
      whiners like you. So fuck off.