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  • ironman_01701 ironman_01701 Jun 8, 2001 6:20 AM Flag

    Bettex - OT

    Glad your feeling better (I read your post on ELON).

    What is your TA on TCKI? If it does go up today it will probably go to upper 20's (26) to form a W and then a pull back? just a guess, who knows?

    PS any conviction on yoy part about ELON? It seem that 25 is the top. But as I mentioned before, the closer it gets to end of FY the less likely it will retrace back to 18. I see higher highs and higher lows.

    As always, your BB friend.


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    • TKCi looks to have put in a dbl top on bearish divergences. It has broken the NT uptrendline. Should the pattern follow through then TKCI will visit the 200ema at 14. Hopefully it finds support there. If it is still in a true uptrend it will. One must remeber it went from 4 to 26 with no real rest , these gains must be reabsorbed and digested. It will stay strong that way. It had a 600% gain, too much too fast. So I look for TKCI to consolidate in a trading range over the next few months before it moves again. I hope that during this time it will become optionable. JMHO ps, I took profits

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      • I got rid of mine for a good profit. IMO I also see it moving lower when the NASDAQ tests it low (maybe by mid July).

        The negative opening gap is a TA indication that supply outweighed available demand. Sellers of the stock had to "ask" notably lower prices to reach the next point at which buyers were willing to take shares of TKCI.

        With this kind of selloff there should be some company news to see what may have sparked this heavy selling pressure.

        Anyways the insiders sold off at 16 and the rise to the highs were a TA move IMO. But again, are there warnings due, could be?

        If a relief rally does occur on Monday then I would view any rise on TKCI as a dead cat bounce.

        Thanks for your post, and thank you for alerting me on this stock, made a few bucks.


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