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  • gnawk719 gnawk719 Mar 7, 2005 11:07 AM Flag

    Question for Auroleon

    I am long Joe and a big proponent of it's potential value. The question I have is why there has been no interest by any large organization in acquiring this company considering that it is so undervalued. Do you think this is a possibility and if not, why not.

    There must be many investors out there more sofisticated and knowledgeabel than the posters on this board.

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    • for the same reason every port and major international airport does....spin off money.

    • Tell me why would PC want to entice people to get on a cruise ship and spend their money in some foreign port.

    • I mentioned cruise ships as why someone like Disney would be interested in JOE as a speculation in response to a question about an existing company buying Joe for its assets. There is enough land to build another Disney from scratch and own the surroundings. They seem to be doing well with cruises out of Canaveral - imagine if they could dock a ship in Orlando. The cruise ships are not the core but the icing. The point is, JOE has enough land to build something that would be a destination in and of itself, on top of its beaches.

    • Carnival started service out of Mobile last fall. They coerced the city into building them a $20 Mil terminal building, then they put their oldest ship in service....the Holiday. Carnival is only obligated for a yr, but they are doing well and are saying they're going to put in a newer and larger ship. All I can say is, if a ship comes to pc, expect the cruise line to do absolutely nothing in terms of providing infrastructure. Its just like big manufacturing plants....they expect a ton of concessions and retain the right to pull out if the biz isn't there.

    • I would think JOE has a good fit with Disney.

      On the other hand, why sell?

      The key to JOE is developing a stream of revenues from the valuable assets. Mgmt has shown they can do that. They just need to ramp it up.

      Could you imagine the value if Disney built a theme park in NW florida or if they docked their cruise ships there?

      How does Disney do the cruise thing now? Orlando is not exactly a port.

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