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  • florida_crackerjack florida_crackerjack Mar 10, 2005 4:26 PM Flag

    Take a ride

    down Highway 98 if you're in the area. Pretend the developements aren't there. Imagine a better time.............

    Imagine driving down Highway 98 for 5 miles and not seeing another car. Sun coming up from the East and casting a shimmer of intense color on the Gulf of Mexico as you drive. Cities such as Panacea, Lanark Village, Medart, St James, Carrabelle pass in a blur. Stop at the filling station right on the Gulf for a cup of coffee outside of Lanark and you know everyone in the place. Continue on 98 towrds a new day and 90% of the motorists heading south wave to you. This is the Florida that my father and his fathers father were raised in. Hospitable, neighborly, and pristine. This is the Florida that many authors have used as a backdrop for their stories. This is the Florida that Sam Harrison wrote of in his wonderful story, "The Walls of Blue Coquina". For all you folks advocating this ruination of Florida I suggest you read the book and take a trip down Highway 98. It may be close to your last chance to experience the true Florida legacy. It certainly won't be reminisced about for its cluttered beachfronts, outrageous land prices,grotesque homes built by pseudo-wealthy northerners, clogged roads, strip malls, KFCs, and CVS drug stores.

    Isn't it funny that people try to escape to paradise and then attempt to recreate the Hell they left, except this time with a waterfront view?

    WAKE UP!!!!


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    • i agree with you..I DON'T WANT THE HANDLE TO BECOME WHAT THE NEWBIES LEFT! thats what happened to south florida, and having lived in pompano beach for 10's awful. your statement can be valid for any town, city or state. florida has changed, and it will change for the next millenia. how far do you want to take this the paleo indians? it is of the human nature to expand and develop, and yes, humans have screwed the pooch many times. somehow, i think JOE and the local involved governments will not let the panhandle become broward county. i believe that all parties committed to this growth want it controlled, to do the right thing FOR ONCE, and to make it a showplace of how development should be done. am i alone in my thoughts about our future? i think not. JOE will make mistakes, no doubt about it. but they will not make the same mistakes over and over again like most developers. they won't try and squeeze and rip off every dollar they can, they have plenty of money there is no need for that.

    • Great post! I remember those days. We are losing our identity. Almost all our local restaurants are closing. Soon people will be hurrying down from Atlanta to eat in the same national chains that are in Atlanta. Oh well, some people call that progress.

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      • Great post?
        It's the same crap he posted a few months ago.

        Although I've only lived in the panhandle for twenty three years, I've driven HY98 many times...
        I'll miss all of the aqua colored mini-golf courses, drive through liquor stores and 3/$10 T-shirt shops that have populated our towns for years.

        Yes, those were the days.

        Wake Up? Why? I'm don't want this wonderful dream to end.

    • Hint: When making multiple posts under different names, try to remember to sign off at the bottom with the same name that you logged on with, Florida crackerjack, or Nam, etc.

      It is indeed a beautiful area (the panhandle), and we live in a capitalist country where people can live where they like. I'm sure in Cuba there's plenty of waterfront property that is completely undeveloped.

    • OK're right. I have no right to say vicious and hateful things to you or about you. I apologize...and I apologize to the board for taking up space with this foolishness.

      But gotta help out a little. When you bring up the same points over and over....I mean, really. Management is greedy, the panhandle is losing it's character, blah blah. Tell me something I don't know. But I'm glad we had this talk and I appreciate your contributions to the community.

    • Unfortunately, we know you more than we'd like to. You are nasty.
      <There you go with the dang name calling again. You hardly know me.>

    • No apology needed. I'm not mad, nor have I been mad. Not now, not ever.

      <<<"When you bring up the same points over and over....">>>

      You're not serious, are you? I have gone back and read the posts before I arrived. It was like a Jim Jones Revival.There was Auro to post from "Ground Zero". There was one view, shared by all, and nobody to speak for the trees(to steal a line from Theodore Geisel). Well, things have changed.

      Some here are very quick to point out that change is progress(of sorts). Now, you have me, Todd, Blackie, et al who don't toe the Auro Ground Zero party line. That should be good for this board. Not bad as most here like to paint it. It elicits thought, and thought elicits change. Change is inevitable. That is the mantra here. I just mouth it in a different language, I guess.

      Well, I was thinking I should go answer Retire456's nastygram, but won't. He needs to look inward to find nasty. I would suggest he focus on Retire456 and not worry about me.

      I feel fine!



    • "fraught with misjudgements" is the operative term here.

      i agree with mr whitman and mr warren buffett that the single most important factor in determining the climate of an organization is the top executive...

      and i agree with buffett that the best indicator of ceo integrity is modest compensation. they should have six figure salaries, and no low priced options. they should make there money by acquiring shares at market value the way buffett does and make money at the same pace as other shareholders. if they want to get rich, they should buy more shares @ market and make the company work. Like buffett, whitman has the principle right, but unlike buffett he misses the most important variable.

      JOE management gets an "F" on integrity by that standard.

      therefore SELL JOE!

    • Nam....I agree with what you're saying, but you're leaving out one very important point.

      During the time that you, blackie & todd have been negative,; and auro, me and the rest have been cheerleading, the cheerleaders are up over 100%.

      NOw where we go from here is uncertain, but you cannot dispute the truth of the previous paragraph. So, when looking at credibility, and trying to figure out what to do, what the hell are you supposed to do?

    • Yes, you may well feel fine because we are giving you attention you apparently so desperately crave. But don't imply you're just a sweet, misunderstood guy. A few recent examples of your generous nature:
      "Ya'll are dumber than a box of Florida rocks.
      "When I want an opinion, I'll seek it from someone whose opinion I value. Understand?"
      "Don't be a total dumbass."
      "If we could just find a way to send all Ohioans who have retired down here in Florida back to the Cuyahoga River and relight it, I would be very happy."
      "I don't think you'd be much fun having seen what you're capable of, or is that incapable of, here."
      "Remember I relieve the boredom in your boring existence."

    • No dispute on that paragraph.

      But if everyone had stayed silent when slavery was in vogue, then perhaps we'd still be shackled by it. The same with what Hitler and the Nazi's did. Finally, someone broke the silence and change ensued. Extreme example, I know. But, I hope you get my point. To disagree and remain silent is as wrong as agreeing because it's the popular, and safe thing to do.

      Now, this board certainly doesn't equate with those two dark periods of human history, but I prefer extreme comparisons. I disagree with the rampant development of Florida. I feel sorrow for the way of life that I knew as a child. That others won't know my Florida. I can't view everything from my wallets perspective. I'm not built that way. If others are, so be it. I respect their right to profit from free enterprise. I don't have to like all aspects of it, nor remain silent about it.

      If you understand, then we can have dialogue. If not, we can't.


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