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  • auroleon auroleon Apr 5, 2005 10:19 PM Flag

    management taking lions share!

    please remember when comparing athletes and can only judge them based on their own times

    facts like the Babe did hit against tired pitchers in the late innings, and not against relief specialists who could throw their arms out for 2 we can only compare him to his peers.... he was the first athlete to really gain incredible fame, and not doubt was great for the game

    BUT...please also remember as to comparing him with his peers...that the Babe only played against the best white players... exhibitions between the negro league players and the majors showed them to be at least their equal (and we can surmise they were better)... the Babe did not hit against satchiel page until he was already a fairly old guy.... etc etc

    I grew up in the same era as blackie... but was luckier..had deep respect for Ernie Banks in Chicago.. stan the man in st louis...but. I was a dodger fan and my first full year of following baseball was when I was 9 in 1954...I saw willie mays make his famous world series catch off vic wertz on tv. Being in New York with friends divided amongst the dodgers, yankees and giants... with three hall of fame center fielders... was also a great era for the game (it was mine)... and as it was the first time the game was intergrated... saw a level playing field for the first time...

    dimaggio for all his glory also only played against half the competition

    and steroids aside... Barry Bonds on base percentage last year is more phenomenal than any stat ever recorded... in all my years of following baseball, I have never seen the intentional walk used in situations that became routine for him.... they did not do that to willie mays, mickey mantle, babe ruth, hank aaron or anyone... his discipline at the plate ranks him (again steroid discussions aside) as by far the greatest person to ever play the game... he was on base 6 out of 10 times!!!!!! and if you read "moneyball" and how he stressed OBP... and being reminded that the object of an at bat is not to make an out... kudos to bonds...

    meanwhile met with a couple of wealthy investors today... flipping land is their game.. and they are bidding properties up to 35 million that would have gone for 2 just 3 years ago.... so (watch me put this together as a biz post) remember, just like babe ruth only hit against white guys... chicagoblackie is basing his opinions on stats without even going to the ball park and and while he might know the rules of the game...does not have a clue...(I keep saying that don't I?) as to the local ground rules

    we have a short porch here blackie. and there are home runs being hit daily

    and even though I hated the yankees, I also knew that the mick was better than my hero duke snider .... JOE IS THE YANKEES...; and even if you do not like them.... all things considered... still the way to bet!!!

    the charts will be like old box the end it will be...those with the most runs win!!!!... it is the land...the land...the land

    keep your eye on the ball sports fans

    and blackie.... whenever your cubbies get close, I root for them...that said, I remember when I was a full blown met fan (finally switching my allegiance from the dodgers) it was on the moon summer...woodstock... but I was in chicago in late august on my way to meet friends in madison, wisconsin.......and remember the mets passing the cubs... and then leaving them in the dust

    I feel for you... felt good for red sox fans last year.... I hope you live long enough to see the cubs win it all

    meanwhile bet on JOE

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    • thought you were a yankee olive branches never quite hit the mark on this a dodger fan, you were no better off than me until 1955.

      one little known story about the 1954 series and "the catch:" a lefty was brought in to pitch to wertz by the name of Liddle (i believe). after getting wertz out on the 460 foot drive to center, Liddle was taken out of the game, walked to the giant dugout, slammed his glove on the bench and crowed, "OK, I did my job!"

      i was a big bonds fan until the steroids because i think he understands hitting better than anyone today. i agree his numbers are matchless but nothing he has done compares to how ruth dominated his time. ruth created a whole new game strategy from smallball to the three run homer which prevails today. he nearly abolished the stolen base for 40 years even though he led the yankees in steals the first few years he was on the team.

      regarding JOE, the land may be valuable, but your manager is not playing on your team. you saying i don't have a clue is like rick patino telling barry bonds he doesn't know how to hit a baseball. you know real estate, not stocks. it is about the land, with two problems--you think the stock s/b valued on the basis of extrapolating the value of one parcel of land. there are many variables that go into the marketcap of a stock, and you don't have a clue about any of them except one and you haven't even thought that one through properly as it applies to value. JOE land value over 100 years can't be considered in the same way KMART land that can be sold forthwith.

      good luck to you too. i better live long enough to see the cubs or the sox win the series because my son doesn't care. on the other hand, i am not optimistic as usual. regarding chicago baseball, the pessimism applies to all of my aliases, even the sunny ones.

      actually, its been tough playing my cranky part here lately, and it is threatening blackie's vile reputation. the sunny side of this entity has been crowding blackie out and once in a while i need a sabatical to go play sunshine for a while, who btw, abhores confrontation of all types.

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      • "as a dodger fan, you were no better off than me until 1955."

        only difference is that I tasted victory when I was 10 years old...and then again in 59 over the white sox..and then 63 in a sweep over the yankees with my hero koufax ..then again and again... and even when I switcthed to the mets there was 1969.... and at last, the Marlins... 2 times...

        maybe that is why I am the optimist... remember I pointed that out...auro or blackie

        as to the pitcher and wertz's drive...I always said I am a believer in luck...better to be lucky than good they say in sports...better to be lucky than smart in most things

        enjoy the season... as I said, I always pull for the cubbies... the white sox, well I think one has to be from chicago for them

        as to JOE...I do not buy your KMART analogy...different land...different set of circumstances ... try to remember that JOE is unique... any comparisons fall short somewhere, whether comparing them to builders...KMART... or of all things silver..unless that silver is the lining of clouds

        I still say that land value will be the telling factor... probably in the form of EPS as they develop more commercial and rental properties
        perhaps with some major sales to homebuilders who have no land to buy anywhere else

        lets see... play ball!

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