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  • earlleeretirement earlleeretirement Sep 3, 2006 6:00 PM Flag

    SummerCamp Construction Costs

    I visited SummerCamp recently and was intrigued by the concept. I'm interested in a long-term 2nd home investment and the SummerCamp concept is something that appeals to me.

    Any thoughts on the project's viability?

    Any ideas on whether a low $200/sf construction cost is accurate?

    I'm also concerned about insurance costs.

    Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated.

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    • Go for it - as we used to say in the construction biz "If you don't know what you're doing going in, you sure as hell will coming out."

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      • Nice point. I'm not trying to minimize it but a lot of stooooooopid people won't know any more coming out than going in. I'm sure you heard it before. "The big boys are keeping the little guys out." "The suppliers/mortgage brokers/agents/whatever only deal with those they know." Then you always have the standards: the "game is fixed" and the "good old boys network."

        It's the same in any industry or market. Those that learn have a chance to survive. Those that don't do things like ride JOE up for a 200-300% gain and then sit there and watch 50% or 80% or all of their gain go away.


    • U said:

      "Orlando and Destin were at one time "in the middle of absolutely nothing"; so to buy something a little far out does not mean it will stay that way long. Besides, isnt peace and quiet what we all really want anyway?"

      Ever hear of Rotunda West? LOL!

    • I never said I knew everything. I just KNOW THAT JOE IS A POS THAT WILL CRAP OUT OVER TIME.

      I also know that you are STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID WHITE TRASH!!!!!! LOSER!!!!!

    • u are a fucking idiot; i happen to know what i am talking about and u dont know shit. the knowledge i have about joes product is readily available to anybody who inquires, apparently know it alls like yourself DONT NEED TO INQUIRE BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING.

    • So now it is clear. rock-head is a MOUTHPIECE for JOE. He has insider knowledge of JOE's product. Not wonder he is talking out of his ass so much.

      How does rummell's dick taste, rock-head???

    • and i dont want to embarrass you,

      you are doing quite well at that.

      and as for as you using smaller words, you might try
      that yourself because what you made blatantly clear is actually blatantly false.

      yes you are right i do refuse to acknowledge the bs you have posted; you have just enough knowledge to be a very dangerous person.

    • matter of fact, I'll make this easy for you, if you can build me a house at a joe community for $100 psf, I am ready to hire you right now to build several for me, deal??? this would include of course architect fees, and would conform to joes architectural review committee. please let me know because i am serious about this.

      if you are not serious, i assume you are just pissing in the wind, of which i just dont have the time to join you in that venture.

    • Look my friend, I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

      But after reading your last post, I am quite puzzled by it. Are you yourself a builder???

      If you are a builder, please examine the joe requirements for building in their communities; I would really be surprised if you built "more elaborate homes than most sold by Joe" you might think so on the surface but this statement is one out of a total misunderstanding of joes product by yourself.

      If you are saying a tract builder can subtract 150k from his price and make money, and that a custom home builder can maybe subtract 300k from his costs and make money (because he makes more margin) then of course if you really believe this you are the biggest fool I have ever heard of.
      I dont know of any builder who makes this kind of margin on any product.

      Or some builders will build for tiny margins that wont support the builder in the long run, you may be one of those; if so you wont be around long.

      Keep in mind, even if you could build a joe house for $100 psf, which you cannot, that you yourself as a builder have to make a profit and you have to pay your secretary, office rent, buy insurance, and have vehicles and phones, so obviously the breakeven point, even if the raw costs were $100 which they are actually much higher, would be at least $140 psf,(at which point the builder has not made a dime in profit) so do you build for free or lose money on every single house????

    • I was directing my comments directly to "custom" and not "tract" builders...I thought I had made that blatantly clear. Next time I'll try using smaller words if that helps.

      The point you refuse to acknowledge is that IF A TRACT BUILDER can wipe off 100-150K and still be profitable....a custom builder works on far higher profit margins.

      I stand on my statement that you don't have a clue. You make that obviously clear to anyone that does. As to embarrassing me....only a jackass would say something like that....not knowing the person they were addressing or how much real building experience they have building far more elaborate homes than most sold by JOE.

    • my friend I assure you I speak from direct knowledge regarding construction costs.

      The question was regarding a custom home. What you are referring to is obviously a cookie cutter tract home built by a national builder like centex, pulte,or drhorton; which due to the nature of their building process can sell homes for less money than the custom builder can build them.

      These types of builders are not approved at joe communities. In a joe community the plans and
      approval process can easily reach $50,000;since each house has to be different and be disigned by an architect; these are unique products and indeed are custom homes not tract homes; hence the value when completed of these homes is so much greater than the value of a home just like the one next door.

      I know exactly what the costs are on a custom home built in a joe community and $200 psf is actually on the low side.

      So, really you should refrain from commenting about something you obviously misunderstand; I can support the statements I have made here and have a
      tremendous amount of experience in this field; so much i will not embarrass you by completely answering your question about how many houses i have built in the last 3 yrs.

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