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  • dachmeister4u dachmeister4u May 20, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    GT Solar and ASYS

    There is increasing "noise" about LEDs coming into 100W lighting. RBCN and SOLR both are low PEG stocks, just like ASYS. GT Solar is recently picking up some significant new business in saphire, as well silicone furnaces. RBCN, healthy in large wafers. Is it reasonable to expect that ASYS polishing equipment will also continue with robust demand? While PC chips may be in a cyclical downtrend, my sense is that alt-energy solutions are in an early-growth phase. We shall see. All the best.

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    • I agree... the solar industry does seem to be in it's infancy and is constantly striving for a more efficient cell. I believe they are now at 25% efficiency with the PEARL cell. Another thing to consider is cost per watt, throughput and scalability.

      Ion implantation is now being used by a growing number of PV manufacturers (particularly in China). Ion implantation shortens the manufacturing process and therefore helps to bring down costs. It also promises higher cell efficiencies. The process does however require diffusion furnaces (see Amtech).

      Amtech (as I'm sure most of you know) recently acquired 55% of Kingstone Technology Hong Kong and will take control of Kingstone’s ion implant technology, which Amtech hopes will strengthen its position in the solar industry. This creates an opportunity for successful development of an ion implant machine for the solar market. Amtech will inherit worldwide rights to sell and service any solar ion implant machine developed by Kingstone Semiconductor. That's a huge step forward for Amtech.

    • r.morgan56 May 20, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

      I own all three. Inspection equipment that I am currently out off but like are NVMI and RTEC. I like RTEC the best, because they on integral to the production line. NVMI is mainly off ine inspection equipment. They are specializing in the 3d stack up die alignment o vias and such.

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