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  • gglvr8 gglvr8 Sep 1, 2004 2:40 PM Flag

    Iraq Beheading Videos

    From videotapes I have viewed today, I've learned
    that is is very easy to carve off a living person's head at the neck,
    provided his hands are tied behind his back, an accomplice sits on his legs
    to immobilize him, and you don't mind the mess.
    In half a dozen suppressed pirate videos, viewable nonetheless on certain
    websites, we see the soul of Islamic religion bared for all to see.
    The helpless are killed, humans are reduced to squirming meat,
    and the need for the World to rid itself of whatever root cause has
    enabled this reversion back past the dawn of our ethics is made
    much more than evident. In the videos, mostly without soundtracks,
    jubilant perpetrators point at tracts written in Arabic script,
    holding them up to the camera, as if primitive scrawls held some
    inner power beyond the ability to incite animalistic and blatantly
    sub-human berserker atrocities.
    In a pathetic admission that the West is in reality master,
    gift-giver, and all-empowereing judge,
    the perpetrators sport Kalashnikov weapons, rejoice at being filmed,
    and show pathetic reverence towards the cheap electronic gizmo
    "enshrining" their pornography in a non-koranic medium,
    making them, in their ignorant xenophobic spasm, part of a news program at last.
    Disgust beyond belief is the result, and an unwillingness to ever again
    be lectured about Allah, Islam, injustice, or middle-eastern "culture".
    Hitler's SS, filmed in similar slaughters 65 years ago,
    appear professional, reserved, even scientific in comparison.
    The lesson taught? Certain beliefs are simply diseases, begging for cure.
    Humanity cannot advance while so sick.
    Let everyone view these tapes and decide.

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    • One other thought: At my plant we have had supervisors, managers, engineers, etc., who are Moslem. It is not Islam that is the problem. It is Jihaddist fanatics. Entergy proves in its work force that Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Bhuddists, Taoists and Atheists can all work together in harmony. True, most of us are Christians. But an increasing proportion is Moslem. I am certain that these Moslems with whom I work are as frighten by and as opposed to the Jihaddist extremism that has hijacked their religion as the rest of us are.

      Whether the fanatic is Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Jong or the Ayatollah, they all must be brought to justice, preferrably in irons, but failing that, by swift transport to Allah via an American DU bullet.

    • I would be physically and psychologically unable to view such videos. My stomach and my mind simply aren't strong enough. Everything you wrote is 100% correct. Whether the "religion" be the current fundamentalist Islamic Jihaddism, the Nazism of 60 years past, or the Spanish Christian Inquisition of some 600 years ago, the insanity is the same.

      If Bush hadn't taken the war to Iraq, then these madmen would be perpetrating these crimes on our own soil.

      Fanaticism - whether extreme Islamic Jihaddism from Al Qaeda against the last remaining civilized people in the Mid-East or eco-terrorism from RFK Jr. against Indian Point - is all the same and must be eliminated.

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      • Nothing new. The West is only now realizing the real face of muslims. For centuries they have shown no regard for life. None of their past rulers have died a natural death. Taking life is OK with them weather it is their daughters or others. We stopped cannibalism in Africa some time ago, may be we can stop this. How do you teach people to respect life? I do not know. But unless one can do this there is no hope for peace any where in the world. I think the problem is not confined to just Al Qaeda: this runs deeply in the psyche of the muslim community. Maybe God has a purpose of putting people like these on Earth. Just like the mosquito I do not know the purpose.

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