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  • alenager2 alenager2 Mar 20, 2011 12:06 PM Flag

    Build More in Upsate NY, Open Yucca Mountain

    Maybe Cuomo can pay off the right people and get a high voltage line to NYC, then build more nukes in upstate NY. Then we can close IPEC. How can you argue with this? Spent fuel pools are such a ludicrous thing. Full of fuel and sitting 60 feet above the ground - what were they thinking.. oh yeah that a Yucaa Mountain would be open so they wouldn't have to put all this fuel in there that can be easily exposed to the environment and catch fire if the water level drops. If the decision comes to stop nukes in 10-20 years I am sure it will happen much sooner as people flee the industry to find employment elsewhere. Can't wait for Barney, Nancy, Harry and Barbara to entertain us over the next few years on the issue.

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