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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Apr 10, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    PPL, thanks for ruining my retirement


    i need to have some sort of return, thanks to low cd rates.

    i need a stock with a dividend.

    a while ago, you sold out of europe, and cancelled your bigger is better quest.

    then you bought a u.s. company and the one from g.b.

    now you issue more shares, when you have more than that in cash

    so now you'll have to make more money, to keep the same p.e.

    why did you do that

    does selling shares creat free cash flow

    does free cash flow qualify you for a bonus

    hey sec, if companies are selling bonds, and shares, when they dont need to, in order to create cash flow and earn bonuses, please do not reward them with rate increases

    This topic is deleted.
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    • gitreelonce,

      If you want to look at other dividend stocks, take a look at Eli Lilly & Co (LLY) or The Northern Trust(NTRS). decent yields and have been around forever, NTRS has a large upside and no exposure to subprime loans.

    • Wrath, I`m sane enough to know a moron when I see one.

      Speaking of "deranged", how about the idiot who started this thread. "PPL, thanks for ruining my retirement". Yet you think I`M the deranged one? LMAO

    • You wannna see vitriol? Try reading the posts from "uhohmolestschildren". Right here on this board. You have got to be a really stupid oaf.

    • The dilution, any dilution, at this point was not appreciated here either and I am surprised that management did this now to existing share owners.

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      • One more time: Issuing 11,000,000 shares when you already have 580,000,000 shares outstanding is not even a pimple on an elephant`s doopa. Somebody figured that it comes out to 1.7%.

        The dips caused by new offerings usually are made up in a couple of weeks or even less. If that doesn`t happen here, it`s because electric utes are out of favor.

        This company has been around a long time. What makes you think they don`t know what they`re doing or that you know better?

        Sell the g.d. stock if you`re unhappy.

    • Jacktard: The SEC does not rule on "rate increases". The state pulic utility commissions handle rate increases.

      You wanted a stock with a dividend. If you own PPL you got one, jacktard. And it was just raised.

      All utilities periodically issue more debt and more stock. If you don`t like this one, please sell.

      Most electric utilities were down one-to-two percent today and they didn`t even issue additional stock. What does that tell you?

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