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  • mitshu35 mitshu35 Jun 25, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Less than 1 Week

    "WHEREAS, the parties in the above action are attempting to negotiate a business arrangement via which to settle this litigation; and

    WHEREAS, the parties believe that continuing to litigate against each other
    while exploring a business resolution will be counterproductive and will
    diminish their chances of success; now therefore,

    IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, subject to the approval and order of the
    Court, as follows:

    1. This case is stayed pending further order of the Court.

    2. If the parties have not yet settled their disputes and dismissed this action, then on or before July 1, 2013 they shall file a joint status report advising the Court whether they believe the stay should be continued or lifted, and if lifted, what adjustments they believe should be made to the scheduling order."

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    • Just looked on PACER... still nothing. Talk about cutting it close to a deadline...

      I don't see any sort of merger or anything at this point, especially with all the moves at Augme in recent months. I mean, would they bring someone onto the BOD w/ a 1% sell kicker if they were already on the verge of selling/merging? I hope not (unless he/she were some sort of M&A genius that they needed to get the job done).

      I was a bit excited a day or two when I saw "Millennial Media forms partnership..." - only to read on that it was with another institution - Mediahub/Mullen.

      Just so curious about what, if anything, is happening...

    • They need to stop wasting time and money and just give it up already. The damn patents are worthless, everyone knows it by now so spare us the agony and just give it away for pennies on the dollar. If you can't protect it, you better know you will lose it. It's only worth something if you can protect it and if its worth protecting. The answer to both, guess not. Let's move on with the show 2014 here we come.

    • augt prob asking for a cpl million and they r offering prob 100k like others settled for, so they should take them to a trial if they believe in their patents..100k settlements are pathetic if the patents are good..

    • MM, I guess nothing comes of it and we'll get 250k.