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  • billy.taylor24 billy.taylor24 Jul 31, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    this stock is ready to pop


    should be over a dollar soon.big contract in the works

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    • The stock is pathetically undervalued that is undeniable. I don't see a need to repeat myself, no companies in any space trade at just 1x sales. I can tell you absolute 100% confidence that things at HC have never been as good as they are now. What I've been saying would happen eventually is now happening. I just don't understand why the company is not telling the public some of the good things happening but I'd assume they eventually will.

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      • I have a new nickname for you "MOBILEHOBO", that's what you gonna be after this hits .05 cents per share, just riding the ole "Santa Fe" express train. Buzz off Bozo!!! How the heck can you lie to yourself in the mirror each day and say this thing goes up any minute now? What we have 6900 shares trading by mid morning while others are in the millions already and you think we are moving? Grandguruhobo bob!! LOL!

      • Congrats for making your 5th year as Mr. "Pumper". Read the last article, the word "Delusional" for profits fits you very good!! Too bad the market sees it as one confusing and boring space! No one is interested at this point! LOL!!

      • I'm thinking/hoping that IB and the current board would like to transition from a Company that guides aggressively and under-delivers to one that guides either realistically or conservatively and delivers positive surprises. Hopefully, the conference call for 2Q/FY14 in October will be the first of such events. With 2Q revenue estimates at $6.9 to $7.0 million the bar doesn't seem to be set too high at this point.

    • Big dump is coming folks. Get ready. All the pumping in the world is not going to save this poc. Shareholder meeting was pathetic. WOW name change. If that was the most significant news it is very very sad. Told you it was coming folks. The pumpers know its coming too. Here comes .25 and lower. Dilution coming, inevitable.