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  • tntins1 tntins1 Aug 2, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    No volume today

    A couple hours left to the trading day and still not to 10,000 shares traded. Hhhmm....
    Sure been a lot of news this week about mobile and mobile advertising.
    Strong buy down here in my opinion.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • AugTARD just dropped another WET one!!!

    • Volume has picked up a bit, with a slight tick up in price. On another note, VELT is about to dip below $1.00. Apparently they have serious cash collection problems and they are slow paying their Ad reps according to some of the press I've read. This has not been a problem for Augme.

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      • careful what you read on those ad push sites like venture. Look at the writer...sitting at a bar would you trust someone that looks like that talking financials. These guys get money on ad dollars created when they put together dooms day articles....specially one that has been out 3-4 months ago. Now the are quoting some publisher out of Germany who is gone out there talking sh.t trying to get paid by bad mouthing the company. Its like assw.pes that write bad reviews when their mechanics don't give them a discount. IMO, Velti will burn the shorts pushing on the stock in Q2 with bullish forecast. The issue with velit wasn't was 2 bad regions and there removal of revenue forecast from the model. These article making it sound like they just miss huge because their sales or drive has declined. Not the case.

    • TNT, you are correct.