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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Oct 9, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Nice support after such huge dilution

    speaks volumes to the NEW HIPP and what the street see now. We are going to be BE in Q3. With that and $11M cash and growing partnerships like Google this might be the only time before it starts its slow move towards $1

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    • I agree. The stock held up better than expected. That's not to say it didn't take a big hit, but does show, in my opinion, that the market received it well. Too bad it couldn't hold the four cent drop, but I'll take this. The week isn't over yet though. I have spoken too soon before. Think I'll keep and eye on this for the next couple of days, but it's looking good. Try to call it like I see it. Clearly some people think its a plus for the company long term as Jason implied.

    • Sirius, I agree. Frankly, I was expecting the typical post dilution sell-off. I think most investors (unlike a couple of intellectual giants on this board) realize that this dilution is a totally different animal from the previous ones. As I listened to the call yesterday my initial emotional reaction of frustration at hearing about the cash raise, gradually changed to a rational realization that this cash raise should provide a positive ROI. As a couple of others have commented, they did not NEED to raise this much cash; rather they CHOSE to do so to take advantage of what they see as opportunities to fuel their growth.

      I understand the frustration of some who have been through so many of these dilutions and without seeming benefit. It is my strong opinion that this one is different. It is different management, and it is a different company from what it was just 6 months ago.

    • The King pumper finally shows himself? but yet again he will refuse to respond to all his past predictions like they won't have to dilute again. The google press release was going to be huge? Whats the matter can't take the heat? You sure can give it but you can't take it can you now. You boast all these huge and glowing predictions and when they disappoint you come up with the same ol excuses. Well, I was right and you were wrong they diluted in a HUGE way. But of course you have reasons and excuses why huh? You have TOTAL egg on all your faces. Can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen you wimps. BUAHAHAHAH