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    • There ARE reasons for the 2nd Amendment. I am not a big gun owner supporter with all the crime around, but if the average good guy wants to have a gun at home why not?

      This helps keep the government in check also. It is much harder to have a 1984 George Orwellian Big Brother society if people had a gun in their their closet. I am not sure that means an AK-47, but who is to say?

      There really is nothing to argue about...the Constitution says it's ok so that's that....guns and gold...not a bad combination for

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      • Nowadays, they don't need to take guns to destroy and suppress. They have weapons of mass suppression and destruction in which they won't even have to look at the whites of our eyes. Look up "HAARP" and chemtrails, and their capability to use those as mind control weapons. Not to mention their many other uses. For crying out loud, did you know that Hitler was the first to use fluoride, and that fluoride is used in nuclear weapons? The scientist who helped develop the hiroshima bomb was the same guy who promoted fluoride in the US drinking water, back in the 40s. Look into the history of fluoride, and you won't drink a glass of tapwater ever again. Look up the dangers of aspertame, genetically modified food, pesticide, etc. What the hell will guns do against all of this??? If and when "they" ever do make their big move, it won't be with their old fashioned guns.

        I don't think we have what it takes to stop "them" if they are going to do anything. Guns won't make difference. Protests won't make a difference. Anger is darkness, and that is what they want us to do. Fear and anger feeds their agenda.

        I choose the Light!

        Oh, and please turn UP your peace symbol. Look up "Algiz" rune, to see the meaning of it turned upside down. Most people are using it the wrong way. The three prongs need to be upward for its positive meaning.

      • Fact is, we have already exceeded the conditions in '1984'. Think about that...Cameras in your cable box. Microphones in your computer. GPS in your phone down to 3 feet (miked too via the battery). Camera on every bridge and intersection. Phone conversations digitally stored, emails too, every one of them. Face scanning in the corporate stores, x rays of your naked body at the airport (stored in your file) and now, introducing in May: the Mark of the Beast (real ID act becomes official). Schya, dispute any of these, go for it.

    • Listen up you oat-eating sheep. Me and Jesus are like this (holds two fingers tightly together). It's not my job to tutor you. Seek it elsewhere, hypochristian. "May your chains rest lightly upon you"

    • They certainly cann't allow, citizens to have ANY power to oppose the central banking slavery initative. Take away ANY ability to change the order of the plan and of course NEW laws will be instituted guaranteeing success to the 6 families that OWN the FED.
      First they inslave the people, ""for their own good"" to green paper and than they take away ANY ability to offset the plan.
      History shows many case where the powers that be, inslaved their people to the point where they HAD to work for nothing or DIE from lack of food. We are NOT there YET but every chip, at the bill of rights, pushes this agenda further.
      Sheep with 6 family wolfs.
      Every dictatorship, disarmed their populous FIRST.
      Just my opinion!
      Have a nice day!

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      • What does this have to do with Gold?

        Besides guns kill people. What are you going to do in your house, hold off the militia?

        Perhaps, if you Republicans weren;t so selfish and more cooperative, there would be more peace, less killing, less fear and FEWER GUNS!

        That would be a nice place. Your world is on the Frontier in a fortress surrounded by enemies.

        May you see the light and find Jesus.


        A concerned Quaker

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