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  • axdgigo axdgigo Jun 16, 2008 11:44 AM Flag

    What Makes McCain a War Hero?

    One thing for sure McCain`s ex POW status and military background doesn`t automatically make him a good candidate for president.

    The only thing we`ll get from McCain is more policies like we got from Bush.Not that I like Obama either because I don`t.

    The powers that be won`t let you have a real choice other than the 2 puppet candidates they let you choose from.

    I`m writing in Ron Paul`s name.Of course these controlled elections may not let me write in a name....the game is fixed.

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    • " One thing for sure McCain`s ex POW status and military background doesn`t automatically make him a good candidate for president."

      That is the essence of the whole argument. His heroic status and all the rest of the speculation about his time in Vietnam do not matter. Anyone who uses the "he served his time in Vietnam" argument, yet voted for Bush over John Kerry is a hypocrite.

      I've yet to see how serving in the military, in itself, makes someone so much more qualified to run the country. Well, unless we desire living in a military-police state. Isn't statesmanship the more desirable quality? Or are you so enthralled with policing the world and pushing our weight around that a gang boss would be a better choice? Wait, let me guess, you also call yourself a Christian too don't you?

      If any of you ever uttered the popular phrase "government needs to be run more like a business" then why would someone's involvement in some of the most fiscally irresponsible, wasteful spending in government (Defense Dept) be considered a positive attribute for president? Yeah, I know it's become quite popular to support the military unconditionally, but waste is waste and the military can be just as, if not more, wasteful and incompetent as any government agency. Don't let your emotions color your objectivity.

      Let's face it, McCain's a weak candidate at a time when the Republican party has been all but put to death by Bush, Inc. So, you dedicated Republicans have to generate whatever positives you can dream up to create enthusiasm for this unsavory, uncharismatic, obsolete, Cold War throwback.

      No, I am not a rabid Obama supporter, nor am I ultra enthused about Ron Paul as are so many here. I'm just tired of hearing this bogus hype about McCain who is undoubtedly a man who's time has come and gone by about 8 to 20 years.

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