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    • GLD holders are selling to other GLD holders.

      The underlying demand for gold in the form of an ETF is the amount of gold bullion that is in the trust. It is important to observe that number.

      It remains very close to the very recent historical high point for the trust.

      The trust continues to provide "names" for the gold bars held and my latest observation, based on the list for October 17th is as follows:

      Published Fine Oz Total = 24678459.806
      Calculated Fine Oz Total = 24678459.812

      Published Number of Bars = 61528
      Calculated Number of Bars = 61528

      High Water Mark was Oct 10th and Oct 13th ....

      24776938.02 Fine Oz total including unallocated.

      This is astounding and it is larger than the gold reserves held by most nations.

    • how interesting about the comex on gata...

      anyway.. the price of physical is decoupling from paper gold, which in turns will make it difficult for actual gold recepitant to receive their physical (ie...retail, commercial,) ... also the adding of retail buyers wanting to seperatre themselves from paper to hard assets is becomming apparent as to take delivery is becoming difficult.

      what is also intriguing about the comex is that they may have to provide delivery on phyical..

      the gov may suppress thru comex paper, however, there is nothing they can do about people taking delivery. if delivery is requested and no phyical is available, the comex could collapse..

      with the amount of gold being shorted, sold and with the amount of phyical demand beyond the imagination...there could be this scenario.

      in the future.. gold paper will trade like another form of gold ..called vaporware.. while phyical will trade on another exchanges, ie blackmarket, etfs which take actual delivery and unshortable, or thru bullion dealers.

      therefore... one should request phsical in lieu of paper until the paper cannot be shorted and actually backed by phyical and transparent for auditing by the public.

      good luck

    • GLD has done this before. Remember the last trip to $73 on GLD? And they had to buy more later when it screamed back to $90. Plus it could be big long term players getting out to raise cash due to LEH or whatever?

      Just a talking head making a big deal of it on the video is my take. I hear Oct 23 is an improtant date. Why? A bit of a rally I think there too maybe/maybe not. But will fall back as 4th qtr tries to find its level (a lot lower than here.)

      Also we have the election early NOV. after that what will the dollar do? I think OBama will win easily. If so, this will be a signal where America starts acting like the rest of the world. Less imports and shore up internally (jobs, budgets, fix States, Medical, education, etc). Thus I think less buying of US debt and selling of the dollar and the dollar will fall and gold will rise to the $1200 mark predicted.

      I don't know. Current dollar support is phenominal but is due to contraction (loans are being paid or wiped out, whatever) and foreign support (which won't stop until after the election if it stops at all - and I think it will). I think the Oct 23 date is LEH related.

      So by early to mid November we have a clearer picture on where the economy is and the setting in of the real Global response to that and global condition.

      Plus new sword rattling on a new Bretton Woods agreements. (a good read)

      I don't see a BW happening until after the election or 2009 or will it happen at all? Then who or what will be pegged?

      This is to stabilize world currencies I guess. As the dollar tanks, which I suspect, POG will be high and the US will be in a postion to compete fairly in the export business. The BRICS will be locked in fairly well (Africa will be worked on the bring them up to speed.) The result is a stronger world bank and more stable economies and unfreeze credit. Of course I see current Baby boom Americans and Americans in general (the general ones are screwed already) as being screwed.

      Hang on. I don't know what is about to happen.



      Deflation Scare the Perfect Camouflage

      + Doji Star.htm


      I bought some gold yesterday.

      Who out there is short??

      Good luck longs! Only a matter of time.

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