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  • silversurfing66 silversurfing66 Oct 29, 2008 12:57 PM Flag

    Spread the Fear Cons, It's All You Got

    You Cons crack me up. You claim liberals base everything on emotion, yet fear drives every decision you guys make! Typical Righty hypocrisy.

    What's even funnier is all of you voted for the worst president in history, and now your party has given you one of the lamest doddering old codgers possible as your leader. HAHAHAHAHAHA! So, instead of telling us what McLame will do to make this country better, you fabricate fear about Obama. Be Scared! Obama is an unknown!!!! BE AFRAID!!! Watch out! Your shadow is following you and it might be a terrorists! ROFLOL!!!!!!!!

    With you cowering sheep voting in these losers it's no wonder this country always takes a dive at the end of their term. That's because Republicans spend more than Dems, they just shove off the payments on the next guy. It's the Rethuglican thing to do! Here's the National debt generated by presidents for those who don't believe reality:

    If you have any reality-based rebuttals or links to offer, I am quite willing to listen. If all you've got is regurgitated communist, socialist name calling and Michael Reagan/Rush type BS, please stick with trading your "ideals" amongst your follow 50 IQ cohorts.

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    • as a liberal I find you a nauseating ally ---really, gloating about the ruins that have been made
      by Nero as Rome burns is hardly a salve for all of us buying gold in desperation....neocns are morons
      but you sound like an idiot too even if your politics are on the right side of the fence..

    • Silver, Thanks! This is awesome. I really enjoy just looking at the facts as a way to cut through all the BS that people find ingenious ways to spread.

      Sadly, I do not think that anyone coming into the White House will be able stop this juggernaut of debt. It has a life of its own that many of us are inextricably tied to.

      "Due to inflation, I will never make enough money to live the life I have been advertised to have."

      BTW, I love this line of yours: "I hate everyone who doesn't think as I do, fire-breathing, praise-Geezus" Republican model." May god some how reach these children that sleep in fear!

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      • I'm 47 and at the current rate of spending I feel for the Boomers who are hoping to head into retirement before me. This out of control government spending coupled with shady, behind-closed-doors dealings on Wall Street (with Washington's approval of course) are setting us up for one of history's biggest sucker punches ever.

        We still have a lot of good, intelligent, hard working people in this country and I think we can ride out just about any hard blow they give us. However, if we start getting righteous and believe a one-size fits all remedy from either party is the answer, we might not make it very well.

        One way or another, we're going to find out how well we do as we're staring these problems in the face and they aren't going to just go away. Interesting times dead ahead!

    • i do have to agree with you on this... to hear some republicans talk about how they are the small government party is laughable. republicans have out-spent democrats in the last few decades.

      just so you know i am on the right as i support the true republican principles that the party was founded upon... you know, non-interventionist foreign policy, sound money, balanced budget, uphold constitution, civil liberties, personal responsibility, uphold the law... these are things that are as foreign to the mainstream republicans (or neocons as some have labeled them) as they are to the democrats. they might as well be demoblicans or republicrats.

      if you like the sound of the principles mentioned above... ron paul is your guy... or his way of thinking anyway.

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      • I really respect your beliefs trader and believe it or not, I'm not as liberal as I would be branded by many here. I have guns and can probably shoot as well as if not better than most of the louder pro-gun mouths on here.

        Unfortunately, your party has been hijacked. I feel for you.

        I've never really had a party of relevance. I started out as a registered Republican in 1979 and Reagan cured me of that illness. I've come to despise the Republican party and it's members. They are the biggest hypocrites in the world. I don't agree 100% with the Dems, but in this 2 party system I see them as the lesser evil right now. At least their hypocrisy is much lower. However, both parties are owned by the same masters, so it's somewhat moot.

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