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  • nautibm nautibm Oct 29, 2008 1:42 PM Flag

    Spread the Fear Cons, It's All You Got

    "Dems hypocrisy is much lower," I don't like assigning labels, but you don't have a clue about the party you now align yourself with, if you think the democrats hypocrisy is lower than Republicans. First, the economic meltdown is not the fault of corporate executives who support Republicans. The meltdown is the fault of corrupt corporate executives who are independents who supported anyone who would accept their money. Barrack Obama is huge liar whose party dares anyone to try and discover who is really is. Barney Frank is a huge liar. He and Chris Dodd wouldn't let anyone touch the trillions of bad loans Fannie and Freddie were making or underwriting. Others packaged those loans and sold them as CDOs and derivatives all over the world, without knowing or wanting to know the underlying risk. The underlying loans collapsed and here we are. Everyone, including both Clintons believed Saddam was a huge risk, with or without weapons. Saddam admitted in post capture interviews that he would have bankrolled a nuclear program given more time. Yes, Iraq has been a big mistake because you can't democratize Islamics, just ask Turkey. Mistakes, yes, hyprocrisy, no. Liberals say they favor free speech, but the liberal LA Times is only proving what most of us know, the only free speech liberals approve is their own, everyone else is expected to shut up or be shut up. Talk about hypocrisy, what about the Dems wanting to re-enact the FCC Fairness Doctrine? They say they favor free speech, but again, this only goes to show they want to shut down Rush Limbaugh, and conservative talk radio. What does that have to do with fairness, talk about hypocrisy! And while on the subject, liberals oppose the death penalty but Obama while a state senator refused to allow any limits on the killing of a viable baby outside the womb. This isn't conspiracy fodder, just easily verifiable facts. But I forget, Dems prefer spin over facts, because facts only serve to interfere with their redistributive agenda.

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    • I see there is absolutely no way feasibly possible to spell out, explain or convey they idea that I view our two party system as a constant struggle of choosing between the lesser of evils. No matter how I try to explain it it never comes across. NEVER!

      So I'll go this route. I GET IT!! I GET IT THAT BOTH PARTIES ARE DIRT. BOTH PARTIES ARE SCUM ALL POLITICIANS IN BOTH PARTIES LIE. I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it.

      Hell, I've lobbied in a state house and in Washington before. I've seen the behind the scenes stuff. I've seen the committee hearing stuff. I've had private meeting in their offices, but since I was with a non-profit not a corporate lobby outfit no money changed hands. I've talked sports with them. I've seen politicians drunk at parties sponsored by lobbyists. I GET IT!!!!!!!!

      BTW, I've been an independent non-aligned voter for many years and voted 3rd party a lot more than most people in the feeble hope of seeing the back of 2-party system broken in my lifetime. I'm doing what I can. I would love to see instant runoff balloting in our country so 3rd party candidates, like Ron Paul or Ralph Nader can possibly win. I get it.

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