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  • macro_trend_investor macro_trend_investor Nov 15, 2008 4:33 PM Flag

    a stupid question, may be but how you guys rank

    US Dollar against all other currencies. We all know every Central Banks are printing their money and US Dollar still strengthen.
    Someone told me that the current strength of US Dollar coming from European Hedge funds covering their currency positions. If that's case, do you expect US Dollar weakening against EURO or any other currencies? Gold moves invesely US Dollar and this reflating process has a long way to complete. US housing price and Equity price are still way down and I don't see how we going to see inflation next 1 year or so.

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    • To say the USD is getting "stronger" at the same time we're printing money faster than they can cut down trees seems laughable, and in a sense, it is. The spike in the dollar roughly coincides with the inception of the crisis and represents nothing more than the big players doing the only rational thing they could with the cash as they pulled it out of the market. Think about it, say you're a multi bilion hedge fund and you close out huge positions across the market and turn them into a couple billion in cash. Well, there are worse problems to have, but finding someplace to stash a billion or two can be problematic when you cant trust any bank to not disappear while you're at lunch. Well, the US government is happy to hold it, and you know they'll always print you fresh ones if push comes to shove and treasuries are highly liquid.

      Two, oil is priced and paid for with dollars. If you're someone like China, why convert the dollar they get from you at Walmart, into a Euro, only to change it back to a dollar to buy oil later on.

      First, as between th

    • how many TRILLION CAN You print and still stay your monetary policy is supporting "Strengthening the dollar" I mean I was a math minor but its pretty straight
      linear algebra equation where the number of dollars printed approaches 100 trillion gold price apprachee infinity tangent function no>

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