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  • ben.franklin36 ben.franklin36 Dec 4, 2008 11:21 AM Flag

    Will America be facing hyperinflation? by Ron Paul

    UAW should go directly to Congress and bypass management and tell them they want New management and a New Plan. This is the same management that saw the 1970s oil crises and how did they respond?

    ...they built the Hummer...a Bigger Suburban....bigger and thirstier gas guzzlers.

    all standing in card holders....airlines.....and on and on...all want handouts.....what happened to responsibility? Accountability? Free market?

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    • That solution is just as bad as them allowing Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to be in charge of solving these problems. They are the cause of these to begin with. The unions are a big part of the problems with the automakers, along with the conplacency of the managements for a very long period of time. They need to have new management in place that has plans whicjh include much larger concessions from the unions than the token concessions they have came up with so far. What it's going to boil down to is a worker making 47 dollars an hour better agree to work at the same wage as Honda or Toyota workers, or they will be not working at all for zero. Also the unions proposals to delay payments is just digging a deeper hole later on. That is exactly what got them in the hole they are currently in today.

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